Myanmar Army Arrested Village Chairman and a Rice Mill Owner in Rakhine State Myanmar When Coronavirus Infection are Increasing


Residents in the most virus infected state capital Sittway are waiting for authority to hand 20,000 Kyat assistance during the stay-at-home period. 

AN. September 2. 2020

Daughter rice mill owner reported her father the village chairman in Saba Htar village in Ponnaygun township were arrested and taken 50 kilo grams of 73 rice bags by Myanmar army on September 1. 


She said the navy was landing in the village at 6 pm, and the soldiers arrested her father U Ye Kyaw Tun after the solider found the rice bags at the mill. 


She said her father was handcuff and taken to the navy and  then the navy went away. 


“After 9 pm, the navy came back again to the village and took 73 rice bags from the mill. The soldiers were loading in the rice bags themselves at until 12 midnight and then left,” she said.


She said, “The soldiers also arrested village chairman and took to the navy at 3 pm.” 


She said the military accused the rice bags were storing for Arakan Army. 

“My father is the rice mill owner and makes the rice and export to Sittway. We do the same trading every year and earn for living, but it is nothing to do with the AA. I want my father freedom.” 

Lawmaker U Khin Maug Latt said he will investigate the arrest and offer to help for her father and the village chairman freedom. 


Local people reported 4 villages were killed and 12 civilians were injured and dozens arrested since the coronavirus infections are increasing to 492 residents in Rakhine State since August 16.


Internet services are still restricted in 9 townships. UN urges government to provide adequate Internet services when it is donating a Covid-19 test machine and provides personal protection equipment to the hospital in Sittway. 


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