Local People Disappointed UN Rights Rapporteur Silencing Over 5 Civilians Killed and 9 Other Villagers Wounded in Lockdown Rakhine State When 600 Residents Are Reported Infection of COVID19 in Western Myanmar


U Lun Won Kyaw, husband of late school teacher and father of 5 years old late daughter, is carrying the body of his daughter and following to possibly bring to hospital in Kanhtungyi, neighboring village, at 9.15 am on September 8.  Unfortunately, she died on the spot.

AN. Sittway. September 9, 2020

"I am preparing funeral services along with some villagers for my wife, my daughter, and other three killed neighbors right now. Most villagers have fled since yesterday. Only our family and some neighbors of 15 along with the Buddhist monk are performing traditional Buddhist services for our loved ones and payers," said U Lun Won Kyaw, husband of late school teacher Daw More Thanzin and 5 years old late daughter Thu Thu Hein.

He said, "My wife and my daughter were senselessly killed by the motor shells when they were cooking food together at home. They are very innocent and why they are targeted. I want justice; I want UN head to investigate my wife and my daughter and my neighbors who were lawlessly killed."     

A sympathizer Kyaw Lun Tun writes on his Facebook account, “Where is UN human rights body? There are massive Rakhine civilians are killed by Myanmar army. Why they are so silent?  Because we not Rohingya?

 “After Ms Yanghee Lee retired, the voice of UN rights body is silent. I have never heard of any voice and concern of a new Rapporteur over the massive civilians killed in Rakhine State; the new phase of genocide is going on; war crimes and crimes against humanity are rampaging in our State; UN gets to do something,” he wrote.

It is true Rakhine people are very disappointed by the UN rights envoy silencing over the increase of civilians casualty during the COVID19 outbreak and lockdown times.


Lawmakers, village authority, and charity volunteers reported Myanmar army fired several rounds of motor shells into Nyaung Kan village in Maybon township and killed 5 civilians and 9 other villagers wounded at 9 am yesterday.


The villagers believed the shells were firing from the military base near Ka Zu Kaing bridge in Ann township, about 7 miles from Nyaung Ken village. 


“We are picking up 4 dead bodies right now. There are many more killed and injured in the village. We are overwhelmed to assist all wounded civilians too. Entire villagers are devastated. Most villagers are fleeing in fear of get killed; some villagers are transporting the wounded women and children to Kanhtungyi hospital by boat right now,” said Maung Cherry, who is  a charity volunteer spoke on online live video from Nyaung Kan village yesterday.



The military base has history of shooting and shelling civilians last a couple of months in Ann twonship. It shot a passenger boat and wounded 2 villagers from Ka Zu Kaing village last month when they were moving out to IDP camp. Similar shelling took place from the bridge and wounded a family in July.


The killed civilians on September 8 are a female school teacher Daw Moe Thazin, 27, and her 5 years old daughter Ma Thu Thu Hein; the village woman Daw Chan Nyein Thu, 25; 7 years old boy Maung Thuya Auag and 22 years old village woman Ma Nhin Yu Hlaing.


Ma Nhin Yu Haling died at Kanhtaunkyi hospital this afternoon due to the critical injury on her head.


The wounded villagers are U San Nu, 58, U Nyi Pu 48, U Maung Maung Tun, 37, U Ye Ko Ko, 25, Maung Soe Lun Tun, 18, Daw Cho Cho, 32, Daw Brat Ma Chay, 53, Daw Zin Mar, 32, and her 5 years old son


U San Bo, former village chairman, said, “First, a shell was landed at the school teacher house and killed the woman and the child. When villagers were coming to look at their neighbor, other shells were landing randomly in the village. Thus, many villagers were killed and injured.”


Ministry of health and sports reported 549 residents have been infected in Rakhine State between August 17 and September 7.


Rakhine State government has imposed curfew laws, travel banned, and stay-at-home, and blocked interstate trading since August 22.


Local human rights documentation institute-Arakan Information Center (AIC) reports 11 civilians have been killed and 25 villagers are injured by Myanmar army indiscriminate shooting and shelling since the outbreak of Covid-19 was reported on August 16.


Similar incident took place village in Ponnaygun township in April when Myanmar military infantry battalion 550 fired several motor shells into Kyauk Seik village and killed 8 civilians and 11 other villager wounded on April 13, but no accused was brought to justice and no military member was accountable.


AIC has registered 292 civilians were killed, 570 residents were injured, and 613 villagers have been arrested since until August 2020.



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