Two Chief Buddhist Monks Are Missing in Mrauk U and Myanmar Military Seized Some Weapons and Ammunitions in A Buddhist Monastery


Historic temple in Maruk U and local residents are collection water from natural well. 

AN. Sittway. August 20, 2020 

Local residents reported two chief monks in Mrauk U have been missing since August 18 and Myanmar army seized some weapons in a Buddhist monastery on August 19. 


Narinjara news reported Myanmar military and police called ward administrator and searched Pyin Zay monastery from 5 pm to 9 pm yesterday and found 2 automatic rifles, 1,000 rounds of ammunition, and 14 pieces of shell, and 3 RPG shells.


Chairman of Logamon Word told Narinjara, “When the military had already been inside the temple, they called a ten-household-representative, two trusteeships, and myself and then searched the temple. Two guns were found in the room of the chief monk. Several boxes with 1,000 rounds of ammunitions, 14 pieces of shell, and 2 RGP shell-heads were discovered in another building behind the main temple.” 


He said he was reported the chief monk, a deputy chief monk, and a novice have been missing from the temple since August 18. 


One of the devotees said, “When I went to the monastery to serve for foods yesterday, chief monks and other monks were not there. I heard that an armed group was arresting these monks.”


Another chief monk from Myo U Kung temple has also been missing since August 18. Myo U Kung chief monk is well known in the town for his charity works and donating refugees in IDP camps. 


Col. Min Than, Minister of Border and Security Affair in Rakhine State, told Narinjara news yesterday the armed group that arrested the Buddhist monks was Arakan Army. 


Local residents were also suspecting the military was arresting the Buddhist monks and set up weapons in the temple before they seized.

“We have to wait for a couple more days because a lot of confusions are going on out there. Different people say diffident information. No one exactly knows who has arrested the Buddhist monks; or they themselves disappeared,” said a local resident who does not want to publish his name for security reason. 

He said, “The weapons seized by the military in the temple are also unclear who brought those to that location. Since the monks were not being in the compound, anything could be brought in.” 


Local residents saw many police were entering into Myo U Kung Buddhist temple yesterday. 


Pyin Zay temple has been close since yesterday, and no one is living in the temple now. 


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