Myanmar Government Soldiers Shot and Tortured A Civilian to Death and Then Handed Over the Decease Body to A Charity Organization in Mrauk U in Rakhine State, Myanmar

Dead body of U San Shwe Haling, 41, at Maruk U hospital in post morterm exam on August 10, 2020. 

AN. Sittway. August 11, 2020.

Mraunk U based Light Infantry Battalion 377 shot a man in the head and tortured to death of a resident of Sanbo Kine village in the military custody. The dead body was handed over to a charity organization in Mrauk U on August 10.

Family members said Myanmar soldiers arrested 41 years old man U San Shwe Hlaing on August 7 when he was coming back from attending his elder brother’s personal compensation event.

Since then he had been missing without knowledge of the family where he was about.

Four days later, the government soldiers called a charity ambulance in Mrauk U and handed over the dead body of late U San Shwe Hlaing to the organization.

The body was taken to Mrauk U hospital for post mortem exam. Doctors discovered a bullet was shot in his head and his body was marked with severe wounds.

He had left his wife and two young daughters of 6 and 15 years old. 

LIB 377 is infamous and notorious killing civilians in the military custody. Local people have reported it killed several villagers in the base after arrested and detained in May and last year. None of the accused military men were investigated but protected from lawless killing over the civilians in Rakhine State.

Myanmar army released a statement on August 10 and said an identified man attempted to open Gate Number 2 of LIB-377 at 9.15 am on August 10. Then the soldier in the base made warning shots. The man ran away. The security forces chased and arrested the man and identified as U San Shwe Hlaing from Sanbo Kine village. The statement said the investigation found he was member of Aarakan Army. 

“What a nonsense! How could U San Shwe Haling risk his life to open the military gate alone in the dark night? In fact, the military is always lying to the public and family. Whenever they unlawfully kill civilians in the military custody, they label the killed villagers are AA. It is typical behavior and contest of the brutal and war criminal Myanmar military,” said a human rights activist in Mrauk U, who does not want to publish his name for security reason.

A villager in Ramree township was also died in the military custody in July, but the military accused he killed himself by hanging. The family denied the accusation and urged the army for further investigation. 

A local human rights documentation institute—Arakan Information Center (AIC) reports until July 2020, Myanmar army has killed 285 civilians, injured 570, and arrested 606 villagers since the military has been launching offensive operations in Rakhine State and Paletwa township in Chin State in January 2019. 

AIC reports it has recorded 45 villagers have been disappeared, and 233,451 civilians have been displaced until July 2020. 


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