Myanmar Government Prosecutes A Covid-19 Volunteer; Lockdown 4 More Townships While Reporting 27 New Infected Last Night in Rakhine State; Total Infected Reaching to 108


Police are arresting residents who do not want wear masks in Sittway and put in crowded police trucks 

AN. Sittway. August 26, 2020 


An authority in Rakhine State prosecuted a Covid-19 volunteer in the state capital Sittway yesterday for his writing on personal Facebook account over the harsh response of the state government during the highest point of Covid-19 outbreak in Rakhine State. 


Four more townships in southern Rakhine State are imposed ‘stay-at-home’ order by central government while it was reporting 27 new residents were tested positive results last night. The infected toll is reached to 108 locals. 


City administrator Aung Zaw Oo of Rakhine State Government filed charges against Soe Naing, resident of Sittway and a charity volunteer for Covid-19, for breaking the communication act. 


He wrote on social media last week, “Will the trading routes to Rakhine be cut off in line with the tragic Covid-19 outbreak? Thanks to the government that distributes a bar of soap to refugee in IDP camps.” 


The government perceived Soe Naing’ writing is defaming the state government. 


His home was searched by the police for the charges on August 22. He was released on bail yesterday. 


In addition to the announcement of 27 new infections, the central government has imposed ‘stay-at-home’ order in Ann, Kyaukphyu, Thandway, and Toungup township since last night. 


All the trade routes from mainland Myanmar have been cut off since August 22. Goods, foods, medicines, and other essential commodities transporting from Yangon and Mandaly are totally stopped.


Local people worry they will face shortage of foods, medicine, and starvation than the Covid-19 outbreak. 


The people believe the restrictions and lockdowns imposed by the government are harsh and unnecessary but confronting the virus with more cooperations and following the protection procedures recommended by the health experts.  


They want to have 4G internet services, normalize the trade routes, open the food markets, and make more tests in IDP camps.


The local people also want INGOs, UN, and WHO to provide more helps. 


Our news recorded the Infected persons of Covid-19 as:

August 16---1 person in Sittway 

August 19---3 persons in Sittway

August 20---5 persons in Sittway 

August 21---20 persons in Sittway; 1 person from Mrauk U

August 22---16 persons in Sittway , 2 from Thandway 

August 22 at 8 pm--- 6 persons; 4 from Sittway and 2 from Mrauk U 

August 23 at 8 pm--- 6 persons in Sittway 

August 24 at 8 am--- 13 persons in Sittway 

August 24 at 8 am--- 5 person in Sittway and 4 persons in Buthedaung 

August 25 at 8 pm---12 persons in Pauktaw, 12 persons in Sittway-Yangon, 3 person in Kyaukphyu

Total Infections=108 persons 


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