Impose Curfew Law; Lockdown Streets; State Counselor Aung San Suu Kyi Blamed the Vitus Infected Patients; UN, INGO, and NGO Are Bared Activities. Local Resident Says Covid-19 Outbreak has a politic in Rakhine State, Myanmar

Fish market in the morning in Sittway on August 22 

 AN. Sittway. August 22, 2020 

Hundreds of thousands of residents are overwhelmed and fear in the state capital after government announces it discovers 16 more infected in Sittway today. Read about what COVID-19 is, where it originated and how it is transmitted in the best writing service such as


Total Covid-19 infected residents are reached to 45 within 6 days period in war torn Rakhine State. 


The Infected records are as:

August 16---1 person in Sittway 

August 19---3 persons in Sittway

August 20---5 persons in Sittway 

August 21---20 persons in Sittway; 1 person in Mrauk U

August 22---16 persons in Sittway 



State Counselor Aung San Suu Kyi writes on her Facebook and blames the four bank staffs for virus outbreak. 


She said bank staffs broke the rule and made traveling to another place and got virus infection. From this small circle of infected people, Sittway is imposed an order of stay-at-home and other restrictions of Covid-19 preventive measures, and (public) has to spend a lot of money and human resources to contain the virus.


Our news agency does not have any prior record of restrictions (rules) on the four staffs of CB bank for traveling and social distancing. They did not have any prior record of virus test nor self-quarantine order. They were as free as every normal resident in Sittway before one of the staffs reported herself to the hospital and tested positive of the Covid-19 after she got fever for a few days last week. 


Some asked Aung San Suu Kyi where the 28 billions of dollars of gas sale to China have been spent without sharing any benefit with the Rakhine people. 

Local critics asked the State Counselor where the international donations of millions of dollars for Covid-19 prevention are gone without providing tangible assistances in Rakhine State.

Where are the international community’s donations of cash and materials, mostly from USAID for emergency reserve fund of 1.8 million and 18 million dollars from US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) for Covid-19 prevention in Myanmar and other additional funds from European Union gone out? We get nothing in Rakhine State, and we have over 200,000 IDPs in the camps,” wrote Aung Hla Thein on his Facebook. 

Rakhine State government issues a statement today and instructs UN agencies, INGOs, and NGOs not to do other activities such as meeting, public advocacy activities, and projects expect distributing foods and water sanitation works. 

“It is double troubles between war and Covid-19 outbreak; urgent needs of 4G internet services, instead of 2G. NGO stop; all charity organizations stop; the result is all IDPs will be starved. All need cooperation and help together to prevent the IDPs starvation,” local charity volunteer Khine Murn Chun wrote his concern on Facebook account,  

He continues, “Where will we get news about (Covid-19 outbreak and prevention activities)? On TVs? Where we get to watch TVs?” 


It is true fact that local people are frustrated slow and ineffective response of the government and lack of sufficient internet services amid the Covid-19 outbreak in Rakhine State. 


Government spokesperson Zaw Htay urged during the press conference in Naypatyaw yesterday, “AA should not do terrorist activities and attack on and ambush against (Myanmar army) during the outbreak of Covid-19 in Rakhine State. 

Local activist Zaw Zaw writes on social media, “The Covid-19 outbreak in Rakhine State has a politic.”

Local people also reported they have seen many military trucks are carrying more troops and military supplies to northern regions. 


Some wrote, “We have seen a lot of military troops in Sittway during the lockdown times, instead of medical doctors and nurses.” 


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