Arakan Army’s Statement Says It Killed 16 Myanmar Army Troops, Arrested 6 Military and Police, and Seized Some Weapons in The Battle Near Kyauk Pan Du Village in Maungdaw Township When Myanmar Army Is Accelerating Clearance Operations Throughout The Rakhine State, Myanmar

Arakan Army captured 3 Myanmar troops from Buthedaung based LIB-263 and 3 border guard police men near Kyauk Pan Du village in Maungdaw township on August 3, 2020. 

AN. Sittway. August 5, 2020.

Arakan Army’s Statement released on August 4 and said it killed 16 Myanmar military and police men and arrested 6 soldiers and police and seized some weapons in the battle near Kyauk Pan Du village in Maungdaw township on August 3 when Myanmar army and combined forces are accelerating clearance operations all over the Rakhine State and Paletwa township in Chin State. 

The statement said at 12 noon on August 3, the combined force of military and police that was conducting ‘clearance operation’ and Arakan Army had clashed at 5.4 kilo meters in the northeast of Kyauk Pan Du village in Maungdaw township. 

AA said it has arrested 3 military troops from Buthedaung based Light Infantry Battalion 263 and 3 police men as:
1)   Corporal Zaw Zaw, 48
2)   Private Yae Naing, 36
3)   Private Kaung Hete, 27
And, the arrested border guard police are:
1)   Corporal Thike Soe Lwin, 37
2)   Corporal Tun Kyaw Kyaw, 28
3)   Police Hmine Way San, 26

Arakan Army said there were some more troops injured and seized dozens of automatic rifles and large amount of ammunitions. 

Myanmar Army Spokesperson Zaw Min Tun confirmed the clash and casualties of Myanmar troops, police, and immigration officers on August 3.

Arakan Army Spokesperson Khine Thu Kha said, “The clash was broken out near Kyauk Pan Du village because Myanmar army has been conducting ‘clearance operation’ in that region. Moreover, they are using excessive forces and accelerating the clearance operations in many townships. In some townships as in Ann, Kyaukphyu, and Toungup where is no military clash but Myanmar army is arresting villagers and driving out tens of thousands of civilian communities out of their villages.” 
“It had better Myanmar army to stop the aggressive-offensive and infamous-clearance operations and targeting civilians in order to halt the war,” he said. 
He said, “Our job is to defend our people. As long as Myanmar army are killing, torturing, and arresting more civilians, and rapping women in terms of based on racial hatred towards the Rakhine populations and destroying the civil structures while increasing the aggressive military operations, AA is forced to response with counter defensive and offensive attacks on Myanmar troops in order to deter the war crimes and crimes against humanity committing over the ordinary civilians. Thus, the military clashes will be widening all over the Rakhine State.” 

Arakan Army has reported Myanmar army has been conducting clearance operations in Ann, Buthedaung, Kyauktaw, Kyaukphyu, Maungdaw, Minbya, Maybon, Mrauk U, Rathedaung townships and in Paletwa township in Chin State in this raining season and intentionally targeting civilian populations. It released a number of statements in June and July and said dozens of military clashes were broken out.

Khine Thu Kha said, “In every battle AA and Myanmar army are fighting in Buthedaung, Maungdaw, Kyauktaw, Minbya, Mrauk U, Rathedaung, and Paletwa townships, the government troops are suffered and killed. Then they turn to the general publics and kill, arrest, and torture which are out of conventional war the government forces are undertaking.” 

Several clashes between AA and Myanmar army had been broken out near Thawin Chaung, Done Piek, and Chein Khar Li villages in Rathedaung township in June and July.

AA also attacked police outposts in Thazin Myaing and Done Peik villages in May and June. 

Myanmar army had sent hundreds of troops to the region in June and patrolling on the highway since then.

Arakan Army has also built up more fighters on the highway since July. 

Lawmakers and local analysists predict more fighting will be resumed sooner on the highway and throughout the raining season. 

“AA is struggling to control the highway and cut off the Myanmar army supply line to Buthedaung and Maungdaw military bases. The highway is only transportation line Myanmar army relays on. AA knows the lifeline of the Myanmar army that is to be cut off,” said an analyst who wants to keep his name off the public.

He said, “Basic problem of Myanmar army is that they don’t have enough reinforcement troops to be sent and joined in the battles in the west of May Yu Mountain range. They are heavily relaying on airpower that is impossible to fly and strike in this heavy rainy-windy weather.

Aarakan Army has been cutting off the route from Rathedaung to Buthedaung since April. It has been encircling and surrounding Yae Soe Chaung Tactical Military base for 6 months.

Myanmar army has declared it would conducted ‘clearance operation’ since June 24. Tens of thousands of villagers have been fleeing from 38 villages in Kyauktan village tract since June.

Myanmar army has been attaching AA bases in Kyauktan and Aung Thar Zay villages since July 16 and continuing. Since AA has killed hundreds of the Myanmar troops, it cannot advance AA defense lines in near Aung Thar Zay village.

Dozens of civilians were injured during the operations in Kyauktan, Done Peik, Doe Way Chaung, and Pyin Chay villages.

A 60 years old village man U Tun Maung Sein was shot and killed by Myanmar soldiers and then dumped into the soil-pipe of toilet at his resident in Chein Khar Li on July 13. His body was discovered 18 days later by the family and relatives when they were returning home. Four more civilians were also injured when Myanmar troop indiscriminately firing guns and shells into the villager after they were suffered fighting with AA near the village. 

A shell was landed in Kyauk Talone village in Kyauktaw township on August 3 and injured 4 civilians. 

Local people reported artillery and shells were firing into the town areas of Mrauk U yesterday, where Myanmar army and AA were fighting 2 miles away from the town several days ago. AA has reported it killed some Myanmar troops during the clash. 


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