Amid The Highest Threat of Covid-19 Outbreak, Myanmar Army Shot and Killed 2 Civilians and Wounded 3 More Women in Northern Rakhine State, Myanmar, reaching higher civilian causalities of 13

Ma By May, 26, died at Kyauktaw hospital by the injury of Myanmar army's shell on August 27. 

 AN. Sittway. August 27, 2020 

“The current situation of the Rakhine people: they will die with the Covid-19; or they will die with the starvation; or they will die with the war; they have to choose between these deadly lines.”

Myanmar army shot and killed 2 civilians and wounded 3 women in northern Rakhine State today when Myanmar government is imposing restrictions of stay-at-home and travel ban, and nighr curfew in every township due to the highest outbreak of Covid-19, reaching the death toll of 3 civilians and injury of 10 villagers since the virus outbreak began on August 16. 

Residents in Kyauktaw reported 60 Myanmar troops entered into to the town after midnight and shot and kill a charity volunteer today. 

Maung Naing Win, 31 and resident of Shan Hwra ward, died with the 6 bullets in his head, chest, and body. His body was handed over to the hospital by the police at 8 am. 

Daw Than Way, sister of late Maung Naing Win, told the local news he lived with his mother in the town. He came to her resident and had dinner with her last evening. Then he was shot and killed at night.  

She said she sees the dead body of her brother at the hospital this morning. 

Witnesses told our news Maung Naing Soe’s head was totally destroyed by the bullets. He was a member of the local charity organization, Thaingaha Let Kan. 

Myanmar soldiers from Light Infantry Division 22 fired guns and shells and killed a female farmer and wounded 3 other villager women in Ah Puck Wa village in Kyauktaw township this morning at 11 am.

Ma Bu May, 26, is hit by bullet on her hip. She was taken to Kyauktaw hospital. She died at this evening. 

Daw Mae Kay, 54, Daw Ma Thein Kyew, 35, and Daw Aye Thein Kyew, 30, are wounded by the shell sharpeners and bullets.  One of the critically injured women is blocked by the military to transport to Sittway hospital for further treatment. 

“They are coming back to the village after they hear gunfire near the railroad. Then Myanmar soldiers ambushing near the village fire the guns and shells directly to women. They are falling down on the ground,” said a villager who does not want to print in the press.  


Arakan Army Spokesperson Khine Thu Kha said, “Over 60 Myanmar soldiers entered into Shan Hwra ward and randomly fired the guns last night. Thirty one years old Maung Naing Win died on the spot. And then, the soldiers arrested a resident, and he is still missing.” 

He said, “This morning at 11.30 am, 4 village women are injured by shells fired from Myanmar army when they are coming back from the farms. One of the wounded women died at the hospital in Kyauktaw at 3.13 pm. One of the critical injured women is not allowed (by the military) to transport to the Sittway hospital.” 

“All these inhumane killing over the civilians are mounted to war crimes committed by Myanmar military during this critical time of the highest threat of Coovid-19 outbreak in Rakhine State,” he said.

The civilian actualities are reached to 13, including 3 dead, since the Covid-19 infections has been increasing to 189 residents all over the Rakhine State from August 16. 

Seventy years old farmer U Yan Noe Aung from Oh Pon Chaung village stepped on landmine near the military base in Minbya township and killed on August 23.

Myanmar army fired shells into Kyauk Yan Thar Si village in Rathedaung township on August 22 and injured 5 civilians, including a three years old girls. 

Local people reported the Myanmar army based in Ma Nyin Taung village fired several shells into the village randomly without having military clash with Arakan Army on that day.

All five family members, Ma Khaing Myat Myat, 3, Ma Khine Hin Way, 17, Daw Aye Than Nu, 40, U Kyaw Aye, 42, and U Tun, 40, were injured by the shell explosions in their resident.

Myanmar soldiers stationing on Ka Zu Kaing village in Ann township fired the passenger boat and wounded U Moe Aung, 48 and U Khin Maung Shwe, 42 on August 19 when they were moving to IDP camp in Maybon township. 

Entire population of Rakhine State are living in fear at this critical transmission of Covid-19 in the several townships, including the state capital city of Sittway. They are also facing very hardships with restrictions imposed by the government for night curfews, travel bans, stay-at-home since majority of people are very poor and relaying on day to day earning and searching foods in the forests and mountains as life style of agriculture society.

Government does not provide any food and bailout during their home stays for millions of people. 

In addition, the military inhumanly shooting and killing civilians are mounting psychological and physical pressures over the Rakhine people.

Local people are disappointed for the international community and UN human rights council as well for keeping their lips tight at this critical moment the Rakhine populations are facing the life threat by both the military lawless killing and the virus infections.

Rakhine State Parliament Speaker U San Kyaw Hla told the local news, “The current situation of the Rakhine people: They will die with the Covid-19; or they will die with the starvation; or they will die with the war; they have to choose between these deadly lines.”  

It is true fact that some local charity organizations are reporting refugees in IDP camps in Minbya township are facing shortage of foods. Volunteers are reporting some Covid-19 patients in Mrauk U are facing critical condition of shortage of foods and asking individual donors for helps.

Rakhine State Government has shut down UN, INGOs, and NGOs activities in Rakhine State since August 22.

There is no clear picture how the government will solve the critical needs of foods for over 200,000 IDPs as well as preventing the fastest virus transmission. 

Entire populations of Rakhine State are indeed being in bleak future.  

The internet services are still blocked by the government in 9 townships in northern Rakhine State and Paletwa township in Chin State. 


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