Myanmar Helicopters Pounded Near Mrauk U in Rakhine State Where Arakan Army and Myanmar Army Are Fighting Intensively

Myanmar military truck was attached by Arakan Army near Mark U in last summer. 

AN. Sittway. July 30, 2020.

Myanmar army and Arakan Army are fighting near Mrauk U this morning at 5.30 am.

Local residents reported AA is attacking Myanmar troops near Oak Pho Kan villager under the mountain bank of Thin Kyit Taung early morning, about 2 miles away from the downtown.

Myanmar army has been staying in Thin Kyi Taung Pagoda since summer time. The troops are coming out of the pagoda. Then AA is attacking the troops 

Two helicopters are firing missiles and dropping bombs near the village.

No civilian causality has yet reported.

“Two military helicopters are firing missiles and dropping bombs near the village and mountain for 30 minutes at 2.35 pm,” said local charity organization volunteer Khine Murn Chan. 

All cars and trucks have been stuck on the highway and near the town since this morning. 

Local people report all villagers from Oak Pho Kan are fleeing. 

Arakan Army has reported it has been clashing with Myanmar army in Ann, Buthedaung, and Minbya townships this week.

The report said AA and Myanmar army were fighting near Zu Kine village in Ann township on July 24. Similar fighting was taken place near Min Hwra in Minbya township on July 27. On the same day, AA attacked Myanmar army bases in Paletwa and Buthedaung townships.

The rebel force  claimed it killed dozens of Myanmar troops and seized large amounts of weapons.


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