International Weapon Company Is Breaching International Law; Myanmar Army Used Lethal Explosive Devices of APOBS in the Battle in Aung Thar Zay Village in Rakhine State, Myanmar; Arakan Army Killed 100 Myanmar Troops in the Two Fronts in Minbya and Rathedaung Regions

Photos: Myanmar army using APOBS in the battle in Aung Thar Say village in Rathedarung township on July 20, 2020.

AN. Sittway. July 23, 2020. 


Arakan Army released a statement and photos of Anti-Personal Obstacle Beaching System (APOBS) and captive POW as well as weapons and ammunitions seizure on July 22. 


The statement said it killed 50 Myanmar troops including high ranking officers in Minbya township on July 20. It said AA fighters also killed 50 Myanmar soldiers in Aung Thar Zay battle in Rathedaung township. 


AA attacked 5 Myanmar military trucks on Yangon-Sittway Highway near Pha Pyo village on July 20. At least 50 soldiers were killed and 20 more troops were wounded. It captured a half dozen Myanmar troops. 


Local people have reported more than 50 Myanmar troops were killed and dozen soldiers captured in Aung Thar Zay battle in Rathedaung township where Myanmar army has been launching clearance operation since June 24. 


AA statement disclosed it killed 50 Myanmar troops in Aung Thar Zay.

Arakan Army captured 6 Myanmar soldiers in Minbya township on July 20


Local people reported yesterday two battalion commanders were sacked and arrested in Htee Swea military base by their superiors for breaching order of high command and inability of advancing the AA position for weeks. 


Two photos were shown by Arakan Army, which is APOBS and used when Myanmar army was attacking AA base in Aung Thar Zay.


Local people have been reporting unusual explosions and heavy smoke bombs were seen near Aung Thar Zay village since July 20. 


Our news agency briefly investigated APOBS technology and its origin and found out it is USA technology and first tested by US based weapon production company, The Ensign-Bickford Company. U.S. Marine Corp and U.S. Army began using the APOBS in 2000 and 2001. 


It is unclear who has sold the APOBS to Myanmar army. But it is clear if any international weapon company selling the APOBS to Myanmar army, it is breaching international law and arms embargo rule and regulation. 


International community should thoroughly investigate the origin of weapon company that sold APOBS to Myanmar army. 

Global Arakanese community should sue the weapon company for damaging and breaching International law whereas hundreds of civilians were killed and injured and over 200,000 civilian populations are forced to displace in Rakhine State.

Any intentional weapon company that sells the lethal weapons to Myanmar army, filed genocide against Rohingya people at International Court of Justice (ICJ), is accountable for the damages and breaching the law and International arms embargo. 

AA Seized large amount of weapons and equipments from Myanmar army in Minbya township on July 20. 


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