Breaking News: Two Rakhine Ethnic Women Are Critically Injured by Myanmar army indiscriminate shooting and shelling in Rakhine State

Daw U Than Khin, 45, and resident of Aung Bla village is injured in her right arm by the gunshots of Myanmar soldiers at 3 pm on July 11, 2020. 

AN. Sittway. July 11, 2020.


Myanmar soldiers are indiscriminately shooting guns and firing shells into several villagers in Rathedaung township and injuring two village women at 3 pm today.

Daw U Than Khin, 45 years old and resident of Aung Ba La village, is hit by the bullet in her right arm. She is in critical condition, and the bullet goes through the bone and entirely broken. 

"She is very pain and critically wounded. Her arm may have to cut off in the hospital. We are stuck insdie the village now because the soldiers are still on the road and shooting. We cannot immediately take her to the hospital in Maungdaw," said a villager who does not want to publish his name. 

Another shell is also landing in the village and injuring Daw Thaung Win, 48, when she is sitting in the house. Her legs are broken and bleeding. She is also stuck in the village and unable to get immediate medial attention. 

Rathedaung township lawmaker U Khin Maung Latt said, "These indiscriminate shootings into the residential villages and injuring two innocent women are very clear evidences the security forces are breaking the rule of engagements and civilian protections laws. Lawmakers and political party should file law suits against the responsible security forces. Otherwise, the lawless harming the civilians will continue and unaccountable." 


“A large conveys of Myanmar military are randomly firing and shelling into Thar Si, Tin Aye, Sin Paik, and Aung Bla villages when they are heading to the north on the road from Ah Ngu Maw village,” an anonymous villager from Aung Bla told our news agency just several minutes ago. 


He said, “There is no military clash nor mine explosion on the road today, but the soldiers are shooting into the villages randomly. Most residents are laying down on the grounds when they hear the gunfire first. Otherwise, there would be more people killed and injured.” 


Villagers from San Paik tell us all villagers from Aung Bla, Thar Si, and Tin Aye are fleeing; and some villagers taking shelters in San Paik.


They say about 150 soldiers from Light Infantry Division 22 are offloaded at Ah Ngu Maw by navy boats this morning. Later, they are taking private and military trucks and driving to the north. Then the soldiers fire the guns and shells along the way. 

Location of two village women injured and Myanmar army LID22 drop off point and moving to the north. 


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