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Arakan Army Attacking Myanmar Troops near Thawin Chaung Village in Rathedaung township, Rakhine State, Myanmar

Location map of AA attacking on Myanmar troop at 11 am on July 12, 2020. 


AN. Sittway. July 12, 2020. 


Local residents report Arakan Army is attacking Myanmar troops near Thawin Chaung village today at 11 am. 


“A lot of artilleries are fired from Done Paik police station to the Thawin Chaung area where AA and Myanmar army are fighting right now. Two shells are landed in the hill of Done Paik. All villagers are fleeing to different directions,” said a village woman who wants to keep her name unpublished for her personal security. 


AA fighters are attacking government troops on the road near Thwain Chaung bridge when the troops are coming from Kyauk Pan Du in Maungdaw township at 11 am. 


The fighting is still going on, and no casualty is yet reported.


One hundred and twenty Myanmar troops from Light Infantry Division 22 were dropped off by navy boats at Ah Ngu Maw port yesterday morning. They were heading to the north in the afternoon while firing guns and shells into several villages along way. 


Two village women were critically injured in Aung Bla village yesterday. 

“The same troops are coming back to Ah Ngu Maw in the south this morning. AA fighters are waiting the troop near bridge. When the Myanmar troops are approaching to it, AA  attacks,” another village said. 

He said he is seeing the fighting when he and her father are catching fish near the creed. 


He told us by phone, “My father and I are hiding in the bush and behind the trees. I see a lot of Myanmar soldiers are falling down on the road and in the field. They are firing back. I hear the lot of artilleries, maybe more than 50, are firing from several locations to the bridge. I am very scare now.”


Arakan Army had attacked police stations near Thazin Myaing and Done Paik villages in May and June. 


Similar AA attack on Myanmar troops was taken at the same location last month, where dozens of government troops were killed and injured.


Local analyst said 400 AA fighters have been patrolling near the Maungdaw highway since last summer while 200 Myanmar troops are trying to secure the road.


He said more fighting will come in that area throughout the raining season. 


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