60 Years Old Man Killed by Myanmar Soldiers Found 18 Days Later Inside the Toilet’s Soil-Pipe in Chein Khar Li village in Rakhine State, Myanmar

60 years old villager U Tun Seen Maung was killed in front of his wife by Myanmar soldiers and dumped the body into the soil-pipe of toilet on July 13. His rotten body is found on July 31 and buried near Chein Khar Li village. 

AN. Sittway. July 31, 2020.

Family members and villagers find the body of late U Tun Sein Maung 18 days later inside the soil pipe of toilet at the resident in Chein Khar Li village in Rathedaung township today at 7 am. 

The body is badly rotted and halitosis after it was left and sinking under the water inside the toilet’s soil-pipe for 18 days and since July 13. 

Maung Bu Aye, son in law of the later villager, identifies the dresses that his father in law was wearing on the day Myanmar soldiers shot and killed at his resident and in front of his wife, Daw U Sein Nyunt, on July 13. 

The villagers and rescue volunteers entered into the village and rescued the trapped villagers on July 15. They also looked for the body of U Tun Sein Maung at his resident, but they did not find him.

Daw U Sein Nyunt testified on live video that released on social media Arakan Info Desk on Facebook page on July 16 and explained how her husband was killed.  

She said three soldiers shot and killed her husband in front of her at the resident and then pushed the body into the big bag when most villagers were already fleeing on July 13. Later on, the soldier left the resident. She was fleeing to Done Peik village alone with other villagers. Since then she had not seen her husband. 

Arakan Army and Myanmar army were fighting near the village in the morning on July 13. AA claimed it killed 20 Myanmar troops. 

The troops entered into the village immediately after the retreated from the battle while firing guns and shells. Three villagers were injured and a 60 years old man, U Tun Maung Sein, was shot and killed and dumped the body into the toilet soil-pipe. 

Some villagers have been retuning to the villages from IDP camps and nearby villages after the soldiers withdrew from the village in July last week.

The neighbors and relatives get the bad smell from the toilet. Then they remove the soil and find the rotten body in the pipe filled with the water. 

Myanmar army spokesperson and minister of Rakhine State’s border and security affair denied the incident and said there was no one killed in the village. 

Daughter and wife of late U Tun Sein Maung earlier suspected their loved one was distracted somewhere in the village after the soldiers killed him. 

Lawmaker U Khin Maung Latt confirms the body of late U Tun Sein Maung is found at his resident today. 

“I have already informed the township administer to assist the relatives and villagers for the funeral service. At least the family and relatives will have together to give last respect and payer service,” he said. 

“I cannot go to my father funeral service in the village today because I am sick. My husband is going to there,” said the daughter of late U Tun Sein Maung. 

Arakan News receive several video clips and photos today of gathering the body and giving funeral service of late U Tun Sein Maung in Chien Khar Li village. 

The body of 60 years old villager put in the bag and dumped into the soil-pipe of the toilet since July 13 is found on July 31 at the resident in Chin Khar Li village, Rathedaung township. 

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  1. Tun TunSeptember 3, 2020 at 12:06 PM

    I would like to request to know updated news of AA and BIA in Rakhine State.


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