Remote Mines Kill Several Myanmar Soldiers Today Near Ponnaygun Town, Myanmar’s Rakhine State

Location map of two remote mines explosion near Ponnaygun town at 11.45 AM on June2, 2020

AN. Sittway: June 2, 2020
Local residents report two remote mines explode and kill several Myanmar soldiers and a half dozen wounded between Kum Chaung Bride and Yae Hpu Kan village, about one mile from Ponnaygun town, at 11.45 AM today.

“I heard two explosions near the bridge and city signboard this morning. Two people were injured,” Aung Aung* said.

He said the soldiers are from Light Infantry Division 44 and foot patrolling near the bride and on the side of Yae Hpyu Kan village when the mines explosions are taken place. 

The highway is shut down after the explosion. Local charity ambulances are called to transport the wounded people.  

Another resident in Sittway but his relatives live in Ponnaygun, Ko Win*, told our news agency two military trucks are struck by the remotes mines and killed at least ten soldiers and injured several more. One of the trucks was burned and destroyed. 

Our new agency cannot verify exact figure of  casualties, but several accounts of the local residents confirm us there are two mines exploded  near Ponnaygun this morning. 

Myanmar soldiers in the town shelled and killed 8 villagers and injured 13 civilians in Kyauk Seik in April, locating one mile south to the town, and arrested dozens of villagers in that township between April and May including the five tortured villagers during the custody that went on video viral last month. 

Residents in the town and Yae Hpyu Kan village are worrying the soldiers will search the village.

Some shops in the town are closing and most residents stay at homes.  

Note: Original names changed for personal security reasons.


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