Myanmar Government Spokesperson Says Military and Government Have Regular Meetings For Rakhine State Situation; Digging on Deeper Hole of Bloody Conflicts and Endless War

A nurse is giving weapon training in Rakhine State  
AN. Sittway. June 20, 2020
President Office Spokesperson Zaw Htay told the press in Naypaytaw yesterday government and military have regular meetings and coordinating for Rakhine State to crackdown on Arakan Army and stabilize the region.

Radio Free Asia Burmese Service asked the spokesperson whether government administration was dismantled or ineffective because local people reply on Arakan Army for administration and judicial system after AA declared it would control the state administrations. 

The government spokesperson said military and government holds regular meeting to handle Rakhine situation and stabilization. He said the administrative situation in Rakhine State was a bit hindering but not that worse. He said government and military is conducting the best effort of shifting counter insurgency operation to counter terrorist operation in which existing laws and standards are being applied. 

AA Spokesperson Khine Thu Kha said Rakhine people do not want the Burmese administration at all, and it is better to leave for  Rakhine  people. 

Myanmar military is pushing Aung San Suu Kyi government to hand over power to military to manage the Rakhine State. The military spokesperson openly told the media if government did not impose tougher measurement over the administration, AA would take all over. 

What the government spokesperson revealing is both the government and military is off agenda on peaceful solution and dialogue with Arakan Army but military fight. 

Local analysts said the administration dispute is power struggle between the military and the elected government which one should have more power in Rakhine State by giving reason of Arakan Army emergence in administration and judicial system.

“In fact, the military is intentionally dismantling the administration in Rakhine by arresting and prosecuting the village and ward administrators. Then the military now is finger pointing and blaming the government. On the other hand, the military want to prove the people that Aung San Suu Kyi’s government is weak and lack of ability to handle rebellion uprising,” said an analyst—our news agency keeps his name for confident. 

He said, “Aung San Suu Kyi is not free from the guilt of devastating in Rakhine as well as heavy toll of civilian casualties since she has been following and supporting the military for aggressive military operations. She even praised the military is bravely fighting against AA. All these uncareful manners lead the situation from bad to worse, and she is one of the key leaders and parts of the devastation.”

He said the military has strategy to discredit Aung San Suu Kyi and her party, National League for Democracy (NLD), before 2020 election. The military wants to win its proxy party, Union Solidarity and Development Party (USDP), in upcoming election. 

The analyst said for the military, Rakhine state situation of civil war and of Muslim refugee repatriation is a good weapon to use. 

Some commentators predict that more bloody wars and toll of civilian causalities in place since the state is off peaceful solution and use of more military might.  


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