Myanmar Army Shot and Killed A Civilian Villager in Ponnaygun Township in Rakhine State

Location of resident from Nat Taung killed on June 29, 2020.

AN. Sittway. June 29, 2020.


Myanmar soldiers shot and killed U U Soe Tun, 54, in the brook near Nat Taung village at 9.20 am today. 


He was the resident of Nat Taung and went to Kyar Nyo Kan village by canoe to pick up his wife where she has been visiting to the relatives.


The soldiers based in northern hill of Kan Taung Gyi village and west side the brook fired the machine guns, and the bullets went through the man neck and died in the canoe.


Villagers in Ken Taung Gyi picked up the canoe with the dead man 40 minutes later while the canoe was drifting to the south. 


“We cannot take the body to Ponnaygun for post mortem exam since the army is blocking river and road. We are preparing to bury him in the village,” said U U Thar Maung, resident of Ken Taung Kyi village. 


He said wife of late U U Soe Tun cannot come to the funeral service in the village because nobody dears to pick her up, and the soldiers will shoot the transporters. 


Local residents reported the army has been stationing in the hill since April and killed 16 cows and a buffalo.

He said, “The soldiers have set up camps in the hell. They came to our village in April and forced to gather all villagers in the Buddhist temple and asked many questions whether we supported Arakan Army. Since then the soldiers told us not to go to the brook, fields, and hills.” 

“We cannot go to the farmlands in the hell and go out far from the village. Since April and mostly in May and June, the soldiers have shot and killed our cattle and then eat. I have the lists of killed cows and buffalo belong to the villagers,” he said. 


He provided the lists of animals the Myanmar army killed and ate as:

1. Maung Aye Soe, 3 cows

2. Maung Aung Htay-3

3.U Sein Than, 3 cows

4. Kyaw Thein, 2 cows 

5. Maung Hla Kyin, 1 cow

6. Maung Ngya Chay,1 cow

7. Maung Ba Haling, 1 cow

8. Maung Ba Hlaing, 1 cow

9. Maung Mya Thein, 1 cow

10. Khin Tun, 1 buffalo 


He said Myanmar army and AA were fighting in the hill in April. Since then no clash is reported. 


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