Large Military Buildup in Maungdaw after 2017, Killed Thousand Muslims and Drove Out Over a Half Millions to Bangladesh

The map of Myanmar troops and AA troops mobilizing areas in Maungdaw and Rathedaung townships in recent days 
AN.Sittway. June 4, 2020
Local residents in Maungdaw have reported larger military forces are building up in Maungdaw township, western part of Rakhine State, in recent days. 

A Rakhine lawmaker, who wants to keep his name in confident, told our news agency over 1,000 Myanmar troops have been deploying within 6 miles between Zay Di and Inn Din villages. Six truckloads of military troops were arriving in Inn Din village yesterday. 

He said, “Four navy ships were landing and drop off additional 1,000 military troops and border guard police on the beach near Thin Baw Kwea Ywar Thit village yesterday afternoon.” 

“It is unusual the largest military buildup in Maungdaw township in recent days,” he said.

Local people reported there was fighting between Arakan Army and Myanmar army on the borderlines between Bangladesh and Myanmar on May 30. 

The AA attack on Thazin Myaing police outpost on May 29 was the sign of an extensive offensive operation in Maungdaw areas  after AA expends its larger troops in Mayu Mountain Range, covering from Buthedaung and Maungdaw to Rathedoung townships. 

The lawmaker said military tension is high between the two forces in recent days, and the fight can be broke out at any time. 

Thousands of villagers in Rathedaung and Maungdw townships are running out of the villages and taking shelter in nearby IDP camps.  

On may 30, a navy ship dropped off 300 soldiers near Hman Ni Pyin village. On the way up to the river, the navy randomly shelled into the several villages on the left side of Mayu River and Zay Di Pyin village track in Rathedaung township. The shells injured several villagers at that night. 
Myanmar nay is lading and dropping its troops 

The lawmaker said the forces in Hman Ni Pyin will attack AA fighters from the east when the thousands troop deploying near Inn Din are attacking from the west over the Mayu Mountain.

Arakan Army had ambitious to seize these three townships in last summer, but it postpones to the monsoon season. 

Myanmar army is aware lager troops of AA have been mobilizing on Mayu Mountain ranges since the summer times. 

Military analysts said AA is fully prepared for offensive and defensive attacks in these townships. 

Several military clashes between AA and Myanmar army are reported in Minbya township and Paletwa township in Chin State in this week. 


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