(News) Karen Ethnic Disagrees Tatmadaw’s Unilateral Ceasefire for Exclusion of Arakan Army

KNU fighters in their base and ready position of combating 

Sittway. My 13, 2020
Karen National Union (KNU) Concern Group, supporter of historic and powerful ethnic revolution force that signed Nationwide Ceasefire Agreement (NCA) in 2015, issued a statement on May 12 and responded the ceasefire announcement of Tatmadaw’s commander in chief office. 

The statement said the announcement with set conditions and exclusion of on-going conflicting Arakan Army manifests Tatmadaw does not truly want genuine peace and lasting ceasefire. 

Myanmar military announced it has endorsed three months ceasefire, started from May 10 to August 31, in Myanmar in line with UN Secretary General calling for global ceasefire amid Covid-19 pandemic threat but excluded AA under its own term of terrorist organization.

The statement pointed out the six conditions the army set in is an attempt to total control of ethnic armed organizations and enforcing to obey 2008 constitution that shows Tatmadaw is not truly interested in to solve political problem with political solution. 

The army listed six conditions on the ethnic armed forces to follow and obey: must respect constitution and existing laws, do not attack each other, do not destroy public goods and administration, and must maintain the NCA agreements. 

KNU concern group also enunciated disruptions, arson, attacks, and forced closure of ethnic armed organization’s clinics and monitoring places while curbing Covid-19 pandemic in their community is an indication that Tatmadaw is expending military control over the ethnic territories. 

The statement concluded with reiteration that the army intention of the ceasefire announcement on May 9 is a mere tactic to preside over the NCA signatory organizations when it is annihilating on-going military clashing party.

In fact, KNU and Tatmadaw have been mounting military tensions since last December when the army was building boards in the KNU control territories that broke out military fights. 

Recently, army burned down and forced to close several clinics and monitoring posts in KNU bases. The forceful closure led to the flights and hundreds of civilians had to run out of the villages. 

This is the strongest statement KNU concern group ever issues since it signed NCA in 2015. 


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