Arakan Army Calls on WFP for a Public Statement on the Government Allegation of Shooting Aid Convey in Chin State

Google search photo, U Zaw Htay, Presdient Office Speokesperson 
Sittway. May 2, 2020.

Deathly COVID-19 outbreak in Myanmar is still increasing. 

Young men and women in Rakhine state with limited knowledge, lack of expertise, and poor resources are stepping up and closely monitoring suspects of virus infection. 

There is no lab nor test kids in Rakhine State. Swab sample from the suspect have to take to the labs in Yangon. The airline is close. Only road transportation is available. But the fighting on the highway slow down and even endanger for the health worker to transport the samples.  

In the meanwhile, Myanmar government is busy with press conferences to politically discrediting Arakan Army.

President Office Spokesperson Zaw Htay said during the online press conference in Naypaytaw yesterday AA shot WFP aid convey in Paletwa township on April 29. He further assaulted AA was already guilty of shooting WHO vehicle. The presidential investigation committee he said is to make double proof of AA involvement in the shooting of world organization’s employee after the organization demanded for further investigation.

Arakan Army denied the allegation and said it is politically motivated.

AA issued a statement on May 1 and said Tatmadaw set up the trap and then covertly systematically attack WHO, ICRC, WFP conveys and then overtly strategically distorting Arakan Army in political front. The statement further explained both the government and the army are throwing all state apparatus while branding AA with a number of legal terminologies based on racial hatred.

Zaw Htay also dismissed the fresh calls of outgoing UN Special Rapporteur Yanghee Lee to investigate into Tatmadaw for war crimes and crimes against humanity. He said her calls was bias and there was only collateral damage. 

He continues and said the presidential inquiry committee is to investigate the already existing evidences that AA shot the WHO vehicle but this time is to accelerate more proofs with international standard investigation methods. 

Arakan Army calls on WFP to issue a clear statement and tell the public the fact and the truth of ground condition and the exact occurrence. AA said they are helping every possible way to international organizations when they are providing humanitarian assistances to vulnerable people.


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