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(News) Arakan Army Along with Three Brotherhood Alliance Declares an Extension of Ceasefire in May

Photo from Facebook. Myanmar soldiers in Rakhine state during the raining season patrol

Sittway. May 3, 2020.
Recipients of military attacks by the central government in Myanmar, a combine ethnic armed rebellion force from the west to the far northeast declares an extension of unilateral ceasefire. 

Three Brotherhood Alliance issues the statement on May 3 and extends ceasefire for 29 more days, till May 31.

Three Brotherhood Alliance is comprised with Arakan Army, Ta’aug National Liberation Army, and Myanmar National Democratic Alliance Army. 

Myanmar military has been launching military offensive operation against the alliance for several years. Often, sporadic fights are broken out in the northeast with Kokong, Chinese ethnic, and Ta’aug, Shan related ethnic, when the army is launching major airstrikes in the western Rakhine State. 

The alliance statement writes, “We have now extended a unilateral ceasefire from May 3, 2020 till May 31 2020, with the aim to declare proper bilateral ceasefire between our organizations and Myanmar Army, to start political dialogue, to make real development for our peoples, to protect life and property of the general public, to maintain stability for the borders of neighboring countries bordering with Myanmar and to support preventive and combative measures to curb the spread of COVID-19.

The previous unilateral ceasefire of the alliance was expired on April 30. 

United Nations, United States, European nations, Australia, and Canada have been calling on Myanmar government and Arakan Army for ceasefire and peaceful solution amid Civid-19 threat and escalation of violence and the result of heavy civilian casualties. But Myanmar army lashed out the calls and said it was “unrealistic.” 

The army has been launching all out war against Arakan Army combination with daily deathly airstrikes, constant artillery firing and ground troops attacks since February 2020. 

Analysists are coerced to disquiet the recent declare of terrorist organization by the government over the AA is a major setback for peace talks with the brotherhood alliance as well as Kachin Independent Army despite the statement calls for dialogue. 

There are some unreliable sources reporting from the north that Myanmar army is preparing to attack KIA after the Kachin force dismissed the military pressure to oust Arakan Army from the territory. But the concern is high in Kachin territory.  

Heavy rain and stormy monsoon weather is starting in June, and it is interesting how the army will carry out the air attacks and ground forces mobilizing in riverine combats in Rakhine that truly favors to the young and terrain adapted AA fighters. 


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