Myanmar Soldiers Tortured and Robbed a Buddhist Monk in Rakhine State

Buddhist monk Ven. Ashin Tayza Wants, 81 years old
Sittway. April 18, 2020
Soldiers stopped a minibus carrying even passengers including 81 years old Buddhist monk at the check point near the state capital, Sittway, and forced the car to park inside the military base on April 17. 

The soldiers started interrogating every passenger. One of the solider yelled at Ven. Ashin Tayza Wantha, 81, and then beaten him. The soldiers insulted, “Buddhist monks in Rakhine are bastard and trouble makers, always." 

The monk was unconscious for over one hour after he was hit by the riffle bud on the head, body, and legs. Then the captain changed the monk with the civilian cloth and drove out of the base. 

They also smashed his cell phone and robbed 300,000 Kyat, about 200 US dollars. 

Now, the monk is hospitalized for intensive treatment on his head severely injured in Ponnaygun township. 

Ven. Tayza Wantha was going back to his temple in Mrauk U from Sittway with the minibus in the morning on April 17. 

He does not know what would happen to other six passengers after interrogations in the Sittway military base. He said he worried the passengers might have been detained and tortured.  

Arakan Army and Myanmar army has been fighting in Rakhine State since last year. Hundreds of civilians are casualties and over 150,000 villagers displaced.  


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