Myanmar Government Is Defiance against International Community Concern of Humanitarian Access in Rakhine State

IDP children in Rakhine State 

Sittway. April 11, 2020. 
Contrary to the UN Secretary General and sixteen nation’s ambassadors as well as the US State Department called for ceasefire and worked on uniformity effort of peaceful settlement and counter the threat of Covid 19, Myanmar government is defiance but urges the international community to reframe from moral and physical support to Arakan Army. 

Myanmar foreign minister office, headed by Aung San Suu Kyi, issued the statement on April 10. The ministry wrote both government and home ministry designated AA as unlawful and terrorist group for destructive acts. 

The statement continued and explained the government restriction of internet access in some parts of the Rakhine and Chin states because AA misuses the internet for the political and military agenda. 

The ministry said no one is left behind while government launching virus protective awareness campaign including Rakhine and Muslim villages and IDP camps. 

This thematic impulse by the foreign ministry is blasted many criticisms. 

An academic who does not want to publish his name said, “It is totally discriminatory act against Rakhine people. The singling out AA as an excuse to ban the internet and fail to protect enormous civilian causalities are considerable flaw of her (refers to Aung San Suu Kyi) and political incorrectness.”

He continues, “No one left behind shall be every citizen who is under jurisdiction of Union of Myanmar is guarantee of public goods, regardless of race, gender, and religion. But her statement is very segregation toward the Rakhine people.”

UN Special Rapportuer Yanghee Lee issued the statement on April 9 and urged for free flow of information and lifting humanitarian restriction. 

She said, “The Government must lift the humanitarian restrictions to ensure that what assistance is available can reach all who need it, without discrimination.”

But the Myanmar government respond to the UN Special Rapportuer calls is very defiance and stated, “Ending this armed conflict will bring an end to the ongoing humanitarian situation of the local population in Rakhine state.”

The foreign minister refers to ‘ending armed conflict will bring an end to the ongoing humanitarian situation’ in Rakhine is  a total defeat of AA by the Tatmadaw. She believes the ongoing military operation backing up by the government will eliminate all AA fighters and then peace will be restored. 

U Maung Maung Soe, who is analyst of ethnic conflicts, disagreed the rhetoric of total defeated and said in the media interview that Myanmar army cannot wipe out tens of thousands of  young and committed AA fighters, but only peaceful settlements of political dialogue can bring the peace. 

Arakan Army and Myanmar army are fighting in northern Rakhine and south of Chin state every day. The military analysts estimate over 3,000 government soldiers were already killed including high ranking officers. 

Indeed, AA gains more grounds and advance in rural areas. 


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