(Braking News) COVID 19 Antiseptic Solution Supply Vehicle Driver and Codriver Killed and Injured in Rakhine State, Myanmar

Facebook photo of CPS vehicle attacked in Minbya on April 21
Sittway. April 22, 2020.
A vehicle carrying antiseptic solutions was shot and its driver killed and wounded the codriver yesterday afternoon on the same parameter where WHO’s staff shot and killed and wounded the government health worker on April 20.

The vehicle owned by CPS pest service company was heading to Sittway from Yangon yesterday. The car was shot near the Ra-Maung Bridage in Mibya township, Rakhine State. 

This is second time COVID-19 related vehicle was shot in Myanmar. The driver U Yin Yin Maung was killed on the sport and wounded codriver Maung Hin Htet. 

The codriver was taken to Minbya hospital for medical treatment.

The head of local human rights organization that monitors COVID 19 outbreak in Rakhine Said, “I assume Myanmar army is intentionally attacking the COVID 19 related vehicles and health workers because the army wants our people die by the coronavirus infection whereas they believe massive Rakhine population are infected and then killed will make the army to win the war against AA as Aung San Suu Kyi has ordered the army to crash it.”

He continues, “When they are losing the war in Rakhine, they target all kinds of civilians for revenge including the WHO staffs and now again over attack on Antiseptic Solution supply vehicle.” He does not want to publish his name for security reason. 

None of the organizations has yet claimed responsibility of yesterday deathly shooting. 

United Nations Secretary General condemned the WHO’s staff violent death and urged to bring the perpetrator to justice. 

US embassy in Yangon issued a statement and called all parties to halt hostility and enter for meaningful dialogue.

Arakan Army and Myanmar army has been fighting near Ra-Maung bridge and Pha Pho village in Minbya township since last week. Score of civilians are killed in those territory. 


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