Branding Arakan Army as Terrorist Organization Don’t Impress Much

Col. Thet Naing Oo from LID 77 captured by AA

Branding Arakan Army as Terrorists Don’t Impress Much 

Sittway, March 27, 2020

Men are originally created equal, but the equality can be destroyed by subsequent circumstance, mostly by distinction, restriction, and punishing of the ruler. 

British once made distinction and braded Irish Republican Army (IRA) as terrorist organization and gave the ultimatum, “We don’t negotiate with the terrorist.” 

Of the Irish faith on revolution, justice, and equality, the confronting British realized it could not be total winner but reached political settlement and restored peace. 

While the whole world is busy combating coronavirus infection, Myanmar government designates Arakan Army and its political wing United League of Arakan as illegal organization. Newly appointed Home Minister Lt. General Soe Htut even makes harsher stand on announcing AA as terrorist group. 

These twin announcements are not clear whether one requires parliamentary approval or not to make such strong law.

But one thing clear is that NLD government gives power concession to the military leaderships, especially the political future, security, and freedom in the hand of soldiers, after NLD party totally lost the constitution amendment attempt. 

It has already had worsen civilian casualties and increasing of Internally Displaced Persons from 100,000 to 150,000 in the middle of March after Myanmar air force constant bombing in Kyauktaw, Minbya, Rathedaung, and Paletwa townships.  

Now, the lethal legal tolls are handed over to the most brutal and rouge army in the world. It will terrorize the Rakhine people as it did to Rohingya in 2017, resulting in thousands killed and over 700,000 refugees forced out of the country. Similar atrocities are predictable.

The army has already had rooted out the Rakhine people by harassing, burning the houses, and driving out of the villagers since the beginning of the operation in 2019.

In order of misery of the life of people, helicopters and jet fighters are randomly bombing the villages. Navy indiscriminately shoot the artilleries into the villagers along way of the rivers, making the people impossible to live. 

All these abuses committed by the army is every attempt the military makes the people weaker and starve to death under the evil design of fear and persecution which the military leaders believe such atrocity will deter the people supporting AA. 

The elected government shares the same view as the military does so that the government banned the internet, imposed curfew laws, and now approves the terrorist organization. 

Sadly, the country is again heading to the wrong direction after ICJ, ICC, and other international bodies compounded various laws suits against the state and leaders for violating international laws and genocide against the Muslim people. 

The ending of this fail policy and context against the own ethnic people as it seems to be racial war rather than political war is nowhere it will go but its own end, disuniting the country and inviting international intervention. 

The response of the Rakhine people as AA commander General Tun Myant Naing said during the interview with RFA, the terrorist law does not impress him much but fate of greater autonomy and equality of the Rakhine people are at high stake since people and freedom fighters have already paid tremendous human sacrifices. 

Having been already poor and marginalized, Myanmar army designation of AA as terrorist organization does not bother the people that much. They have little choice but confront the oppressors and ready to pay higher price for their cause to achieve greater autonomy. 

History had taught Rakhine people an unamicable lesson whereas their loyalty toward the Burman dominated central government for seventy years they served in the army, administration, and public services rewarded nothing but discrimination, marginalization, and famine. 

Rakhine people had supported Aung San Suu Kyi and democracy movement for decades and hoped that their lives would be change and better. It did not happen at all. 

The parliament democracy system and election process do not encourage the people after their elected leaders are deprived of representation under the leadership of Nobel Peace Prize Winner Aung San Suu Kyi. 

Then the armed revolution comes to the people in due cause of self-determination that gets from nowhere but the central government repression.

Rakhine State is always a solid social and cultural community whereas people design it for wants and security for their own good based on equal rights and equal opportunities. Military men cannot detect them what to do at gunpoint. 

This ill design of military solution over the Rakhine people will not restore any peace but dialogue and political settlement. 


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