Coincident with Internet Shutdown in Rakhine State aftermath of AA Statement Offering to Report Rohingya Mass Grave Locations

Photo: Chat Pyin Muslim village in Rathedaung township, location of Rohingya mass grave i in 2017


Government policy is always matter for the Myanmar nation how it will be shaping and moving forward or backward. Policymaker is warp and woof of the foundation and outcome. 

When the policy maker is naïve and tyrant, national gravitas is sinking down: no arts; no harmony; continual fear and danger of violent death; and the life of man solitary, nasty, brutish, unjust, and short.

That is exactly what happening for the Rakhine State.

Myanmar government reinstates internet ban in five more townships on February 3, effected in Buthedaung, Maungdaw, Minbya, Rathedaung and Paletwa, total of nine townships and covering one million peoples. 

The reinforcement of the internet blackout has hidden agendas of the government. Local people suspect Myanmar army and the government will destroy evidences of crime scenes in 2017 clearance operation against Muslim community in order to disprove ICJ genocide trial' increase military operations against Arakan Army; forcefully drive out more villagers to make the ordinary people weak, poor, and hunger in order of deterring moral and physical supports to AA; and to create confusions and divisions between the Rakhine and Rohingya communities, an attempt of inciting violent communal conflicts. 

All these premeditated actions are definitely leading to more human rights violations, war crimes, and crimes against humanity. 

The very first day of internet ban, Myanmar army attacks at least 10 locations in Bathedaung and Buthedaung townships with helicopter gunships and artilleries. Thousands of villagers have to run out of the villages and become IDPs and terrified. 

The local people are aware of that the internet shutdown comes after several clips of videos appeared on social media and the statement of Arakan Army. 

One of the videos showed two Muslim women were killed in Kin Daung village in Buthedaung township and wounded seven other men by Myanmar army when its shell landed in the village on January 25. 

Rakhine lawmakers and villagers confirmed the deaths by Myanmar army shells, but the army denied it. 

Another video clip appeared on Facebook AA members were rapping two Muslim women in Theindan village in Buthedaung township on January 31. 

Military spokesperson Zaw Min Tun told the media during his press briefing on Feb 2 AA members were rapping the Muslim women. 

Arakan News had already had the fake drama and the fact of rapped accusation on the ground, prior to the f Myanmar army press briefing. 

The fact is two AA members planted the landmines on the road and near the village. The Muslim villagers did not like it and forced AA to take the landmines out. 

While quarrelling, the Muslim villagers beat the AA members and injured. Then the villagers were afraid more AA members would come to the village and revenged them. Then they created the phony story of rape video and posted it on the social media. 

Aftermath of the video posted, the villagers ran away from Theindan village in order to avoid AA members were coming in.

Then the villagers reported it to Myanmar army, the soldiers arrived to the villages and investigated the incident. 

After Myanmar spokesperson accused the rape case on AA, Aarakan Army released a statement on Feb 3 and said it would provide the location and GPS coordination of the mass graves of Rohingya during the army’s clearance operations in 2017.

Suddenly, Myanmar government instructed international and national telecoms to shut the internet down in five townships. 

In addition to the blackout enforcement, several videos clips of Rakhine civilian causalities by landmines and Myanmar artillery shells were appeared on social media simultaneously.  

On Feb 2, U Thein Soe Aung, 58, went to his farm to feed the cattle in Ngasan Pho village in Rathedaung township at 2 PM. The landmine exploded on the road and destroyed all his legs and killed him on the spot. Local people told the media the mine was planted by Myanmar army in previous days. 

On the same day at 2 PM, Myanmar army fired the artillery into the noodle shop in Pindaw village in Rathedaung township and wounded a teenage boy,  Zaw Naing, 13,  his mother Daw Mae Khine, 47, and brother Zaw Than Win, 17. 

On Feb 2 at 12 noon, the leftover shell exploded and killed Kyaw Kyaw Than, 15, and wounded May Gree , 41 years old woman, in Kyaung Thike village in Mrauk U township.

On Feb 3 at 3 PM, Myanmar navy fired artillery into the resident and wounded a female school teacher Khin Htay Win, 28, in Rack Khundin-Kundan village in Rathedaung township. Her house was also blazed in some parts. 

Three Myanmar artilleries landed in the resident and killed a woman on the spot and wounded three other men in Kyauktaw town at 8 AM on Feb 3. 

The death toll is pretty high in the first week of February, 3 killed and 8 injured including a teenage  boy and a young mother. 

Combined in January and February first week, 19 people killed, 32 injured, and 10 arrested by Myanmar army in Rakhine State, and it is totally shocking civilian causalities in the beginning of 2020.

Arakan Army Spokesperson Khine Thukha said the current internet shutdown by Myanmar government is to cover up more human rights violations. 

The internet blackout clearly violates ICJ decision of protection of Rohingya community and preservation of crime evidences by Myanmar government that harms and incommunicado of information sharing among the people and timely monitoring the developments by international human rights organizations and individuals. 

In the middle of the blackout, Rakhine people are left behind and in the darkness under the heinous war crimes and extermination committed by Myanmar government and army.  

It is hard to believe the elected civilian government under the administration of National League for Democracy led by Aung San Suu Kyi as portrayed the icon of human right and democracy agrees such harsh and cruel oppression over the Rakhine people, own citizens,  and the action is unorthodox of democracy norm and principle. 

Everyday, Rakhine people are in condition of continuance of fear of violent deaths and force of evictions under the current tyrant government. 


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