Wrong Move of NLD

NLD Chairwoman Aung San Suu Kyi

Wrong Move of NLD 

Kuala Lumpur, 15 November 2019 

After decades of parish state under the brutal military dictatorship Snr. Gen. Than Shwe and his predecessor former military general President Thein Sin, Aung San Suu Kyi is elected unanimously along with her party, National League for Democracy (NLD), to govern the country.

Rakhine people hoped she would respect basic rights and reconcile with the ethnic people. The nation would be prosperity and increasing foreign investments. But her attachment on deeper centralized power and ignorance of individual and collective rights widens gaps between the ethnic people and her party. 

On November 13, Parliamentary Member DR. Hla Moe submitted a motion in the parliamentary session. He told the Chairman orally the parliament should condemn Arakan Army (AA) that arrested U Whea Tinn, an MP and member of NLD from Paletwa township, Chin State, on November 3. 

He said the arrest of the MP is hindering national reconciliation and peace process. Hla Moe is also a member of NLD. 

AA released a statement and said the arrested MP was working with Myanmar army and disrupted AA activities and created hatred between the Rakhine and Mro ethnics in Chin State. 

Political analysts reckon NLD makes a wrong move. It will help neither the freedom of MP nor reconciliation between the NLD and Rakhine people.

After Dr. Aye Maung, also an MP, was sentenced for 22 years in prison for his free speech, Rakhine people reacted strong resentment toward the NLD. They believed the cruel punishment was politically motivated. 

Rakhine people perceive NLD is more racist and Burman nationalists. 

The violent killing over the peaceful protesters in Mrauk U in January was unbearable suffering unjust among the Rakhine people. 

After Myanmar army launched heavy military operations since January that killed hundreds of civilians, massive arrests, and forced relocating over 70,000 people but silence of Aung San Suu Kyi and her party on the violence, Rakhine people lost all trust and ability of NLD governing.

The recent move and debate on the condemnation against AA will definitely interact Rakhine people more genitive. It will hamper reconciliation and peace with the Rakhine people. 

Some Rakhine parliamentary members suggest NLD should debate on how to restore peace in Rakhine State and sharing natural resources instead of condemning AA and co-opted.  


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