Despite of Gambia’s Lawsuit Against Myanmar, Ethnic Cleansing Campaign Persisting in Rakhine

Chan Thein Maung, 48, killed by artillery shell fired by Myanmar army. Family giving last respect. 

Despite of Gambia’s Lawsuit Against Myanmar, Ethnic Cleansing Campaign Persisting in Rakhine  

Sittway. 24 Nov. 2019 

Myanmar army has arrested 45 villagers, killed 2 men, and wounded 5 in Rakhine State between November 11 and 22. The massive arrest of civilians happened 10 days after Gambia filed Rohingya genocide case against Myanmar at International Court of Justice (ICJ). 

Myanmar government responded Gambia Aung San Suu Kyi would defend the case. 

Analysists warn she is part of the problem because she previously denied all accounts of UN and cooperation. Therefore, her representation at the ICJ is not very much helpful. 

The behavior of Myanmar leaders does not change any respect of human rights and prevention of further violation of international humanitarian laws. Their habit of blanket denial and cruel attitude toward other races and religions is main factors of crimes against humanity. 

In this week and along with the Gambia lawsuit, Arakan Information Center that closely monitors human rights and war crimes in Rakhine says, “Tatmadaw and government leaders show no sign of restraint targeting civilians. More rights violations and war crimes are committing after the lawsuit.”

Severely torturing, randomly arresting, and indiscriminately shooting at civilians are increasing. 

Zaw Win, a volunteer of the local charity organization, said, “Police hand cuffed a man and brought to the hospital. He was severely tortured and injured in his head, nose, and face in the custody. His eyes were almost blinded.” 

The injured man is Maung La Yaung and got arrested along with other five villagers in Thayat Tapin village on November 13th. After a landmine exploded and killed the commander of Battalion 374, the soldiers rounded up and arrested the villagers. 

Myanmar solders also arrested 12 villagers from Thar Zay Gon village in Rathedaung township at 11 AM on November 20. The soldiers entered into the village while firing their guns aimlessly and then arrested the people. 

“There is an explosion and then broke out gunfight between AA and Myanmar army for 2 hours near the village. After it, the soldiers came and arrested them,” one of the villagers said. 

Families do not get any news where they are being held but worried they might be killed. 

A shell landed in the house and killed a 48 years old man and injured another elderly man in Rathedaung township on November 21. The shell was fired from the government artillery base in Rathedaung in the evening.

Similar aimless firing happened in several villages and injured a half dozen civilian in Kyauktaw and Minbya townships. The shells also killed several villagers. 

The violent and atrocity of killing and arresting in Rakhine State is nonstop and every business of Myanmar Tatmadaw. They will never change their behavior of violent unless there is someone to stop. 

Rakhine people are encouraged by the Gambia lawsuit against Myanmar and hope international court may somehow slowdown the lawless killing and oppressing Rakhine people even though it is only concerning with Rohingya genocide case. 


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