Cruel Violence Increasing in Rakhine State, Myanmar

Grand mother of killed girl by artillery shell in Pan Myang village crying 

Cruel Violence Increasing in Rakhine State, Myanmar   

Kuala Lumpur, 9 November 2019

Violence in Rakhine state has become wild, cruel, and inhumane during the military operation. 

Myanmar soldiers killed180 civilians, injured 250, arrested 400 arrested so far. The army forcefully displaced 70,000 villagers. More villagers are taking shelters in this week due to the military clashes between Arakan Army and Myanmar army. It is very much rampaging cruel violence and targeting civilians. 

The violence includes decapitated, unlawful cremated, seppuku, tighten up, beaten, and arson. 

Two months ago, two men in Kan Htung Gyi village in Maybon township were beheaded, seppukued, and displayed in the market in one morning. The villagers were shock for seeing such inhumanly killed these two men. 

They were the residents of the village and very poor casual labors. They disappeared from the village for two days. Then they were displayed with beheaded and put their heads on the seppuku bodies. 

Similar beheaded man was displayed in the one the villages in Ann township on the same day.

Our information center sent two reporters to investigate the cruel violent killing but got no specific answer. 

Some local people said they were killed by professional and special trained Myanmar soldiers in order to make the community scare and discouraged the local people for supporting AA. 

Other said they might be killed by rebel force. 

Other than these hearsays, there is no concrete evidence of accountable perpetrators. Our center is still investigating it to get the facts.

In March, one of the members of AA was captured by Myanmar soldier in Pannaygun township. He was killed by stabbing and then opened his belly by Myanmar soldiers. The photos of the violent killing displayed on Facebook. The purpose of the photos displayed were to make the local people discouragement and submission. 

But Rakhine public reacted with anger toward the Myanmar army. Some even wrote on social media that they would counter produce the same violent against the security force. 

Not so long from the violence photos were seen, some reactionary people stabbed and killed police officers and retired military men in Rakhine state. Several police men and former soldiers were killed violently. But no suspect was being arrested so far. 

In addition, five bamboo cutters in Mrauk U township got arrested by Myanmar solider in April. Their aches of cremated bodies were found in the forests where Myanmar soldiers temporarily stayed. Families complained the authority for justice. But none of the perpetrators were found and charged with murder cases. 

Very recently, Kyaw Win Naing, 24, and the member of AA, was beheaded and cut of his hands and legs and displayed in the market place in Myitwa village in Paletwa township, Chin State. 

He was arrested in a border town of India near the Myanmar border by Indian soldiers and Arakan Liberation Army, one of the rebel forces that signed ceasefire agreement with Myanmar government. He was handed over to Myanmar army before he was killed on October 6. 

People in the village were shocked and very scared of the violence. 

Very disturbing and shocking violent video was displayed on social media last week. No party took responsibility. 

In the video, several men with guns beat up a man with bamboo stake on the bank of buried ground. They beat him until he was completely drained and death. He wished before he died, “My soul returns to my mother and brother and wish AA in peace.”

He died in misery.

This inhumane violent killing video shocked up entire nation. All parties including Myanmar army and AA denied the killing as well as Aarakan Liberation Army. 

The most responsible party to investigate and bring the criminals to justice is Myanmar government. It should investigate and charge the crime in court instead of showing it on Facebook. 

Moreover, the families of the killed suspects from Lakkar village in Mrauk U township in April told our information center how their loved ones were tortured and killed. 

A wife, she does not want mention her name for her own safety, whose husband was killed during the custody told our reporters her husband was hanged and killed after he consistently refused to sign a paper that he was a member of AA. He was tortured and beat for several days by iron bars and wooden rots. He was not fed foods and water for many days. He was forced to drink his own urine. 

Last two weeks, our reporters had a chance to interview a military officer who involved in the military operation in Kauktaw and Mrauk Oo townships. He does not want his name published told us the soldiers stopped motorbikes and arrested several villagers. The soldiers arrested them when they carried drinking water bottles. He said it was easy to accuse them when they carried goods and water that were thought to supply to AA. After they got arrested the solider beat them to admit they were members of AA. 

He said no one could resist the force admission after harshly torturing even though they were nothing to do with AA. Then the army officer reported to their command center they got AA. Thus, the commander was very satisfied. 

The officer said it was part of their campaigns targeting the civilians and made the commander happy. 

At one occasion, he told us a man who carried a fired nobble box got arrested after 7 at night. The man explained the soldier he bought the nobble for his sick mother. The officer of the battalion said it did not matter what he brought to his mother, as long as he carried the food at night time, he could be charged with supporting and feeding AA. Since then, the village was disappeared forever.  

How many people were disappeared like these we really do not know since there is no internet access and our reporters cannot reach to every village in the rural areas. 

In fact, humanity is gone in Rakhine State. 

The humanity we believe is symbolism of human loves and compassion towards each other, and this is the way community can survive. 

Violence is always counter production of inhumane extremism. The purpose of violent is overt and intentional physically aggregately harming another person and destroy life, liberty, religion, culture, and property in order to achieve one’s wants and desire of submission. 

Myanmar soldiers are trained for violence against the rebel forces and the supporters. It mostly leads to killing and torturing civilians. It will not end unless they are deterred and incapacitated by the government and parliamentary law making.

The dry season is coming ahead, and Myanmar army is reinforcing with outnumber of troops to Rakhine State. More fighting and more violence are yielding and unstoppable. 


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