Silent Genocide Campaign in Rakhine State

Myanmar army helicopters pounding bombs near Panmyaung village in Rakhine State while security forces guarding 

Silent Genocide Campaign in Rakhine State 

Sittway, 30 Oct. 2019

Dry season is starting from November to July next year.  Myanmar Army known as Tatmadaw will lunch full scale of military offensive operations against Arakan Army in this dry season, an extension of on-going operation since January. It has been resorting all forces including air force, navy, infantries, police, and firefighters. To keep up with the latest invasion news, you should only use trusted sources like our media and read analytics at

Many observers predict that Internally Displaced Persons (IDP) will be increased for fifteen hundred thousand, doubling from last dry season. 

More human rights abuses including arrests, arbitrary detention, disappearance, forced labors, rape, arson, and extra judicial killing, in addition to already exceeded of abuses, will be constituted. 

Since the military operation has been taken places in Rakhine State in January, 180 civilians are killed, 250 injured, and 400 arrested. Internally Displaced Persons are exceeded to 70,000. More villagers are taking shelters in this week due to the military clashes between Arakan Army and Myanmar army. 

The army also burned down 32 villages in Rakhine State so far, after killing and driving out tens of thousands of Rohingya people in 2017. 

International community and United Nations have urged both sides to restrain hostility and respect international humanitarian laws. But it seems no impact on the Myanmar army.

UN Fact Finding Mission has released its report of rights abuses and possible war crimes committed by Myanmar army recently and to bring the perpetrators to justice and possible war crimes. But the army leaders do not care that mush on UN calls. 

Local people reported that more reinforcement troops are increasing in Rakhine State recently. They are starting full scale of military operation again. The results are predictable that civilians will get more harms, especially children, women, and elderlies. 

Myanmar Armed Force Commander in Chief Snr Gen. Min Aung Hlaing gave speech at the anniversary of Nationwide Ceasefire ceremony in which he told the audience, action of Arakan Army is inappropriate with democracy norm, and Tatmadaw will not sit down and watch it.  

His remark is revealing he will reinforce excessive forces in Rakhine operation when Myanmar government is having dialogue with the Arakan Army. 

There is no sign of ceasing hostility towards the Arakan Army by the Tatmadaw. There will be no peace by military solution. 

Its “4-Cut” tactics and targeting civilians is surely to lead more civilian casualties.  

Arakan community in Japan protested in front of the Myanmar Embassy recently and urged Aung San Suu Kyi to review her order to the army to use helicopters to fight against AA. The protesters are concerned a “quiet genocide” campaign is going on in Rakhine State, it is true fact that Myanmar army is committing war crimes and conducting genocide and ethnic cleansing  campaigns against the  Rakhine people. 


  1. Mir Ahmed SiddiqueeOctober 30, 2019 at 4:29 AM

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  2. Mir Ahmed SiddiqueeOctober 30, 2019 at 4:40 AM

    It is not silent genocide, is an announced genocide against the peoples of Arakan.
    The state was not belonging of Burma but occupied by Burma in 1784 then again reached under British in 1824 by Randapu Agreement but when freed from British, joined again with Burma. Burmese used to hate Arakan peoples & planned to keep fighting within peoples of Arakan by using some notorious who wanted to exploit the peoples of Arakan. The concrete separation has been made between 2 major communities - Rakhine & Rohingya - used brothers to kill another by Burmese brutal government.
    Accordingly long term plan, the brutal government begun its ill activities widely since 2012, finalized in 2017 by driving out about a million Rohingyas to the neighboring Bangladesh. The endless inhumanities carried out by brutal Burmese forces and some local Rakhines, killed and raped thousands, some Rohingya 300 villages were torched partially and entirely, about 50 of those have been bulldozed to erase signs of Rohingya genocide, now all those are revealed in UN, will continue to get proper justice and their rights back as well.
    Similarly, the cruel forces started their ill activities against one of major communities and land owners – Rakhine. Killing in daily base and endless atrocities are continued, extrajudicial killing and war crimes against civilians are going on as well.
    The peoples of Arakan are too human, must have rights to resist as well as others. Arakan must be freed from the occupiers unless the enmity will never end at all.


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