Report of Deaths, Arrests, Refugees, and Military Clashes in Rakhine State, Myanmar, after Internet Shutdown

Aung Myat Kyaw, younger brother AA Gen. Tun Myat Naing, deported by Singaporean government 

Dramatic Impact of Internet Shutdown in Rakhine State
(Report of From June 21 to July 24, 2019)
Released by Arakan Information Center (AiC;  Sittway, Yangon, Chiang Mi-Thailand and Kuala Lumpur-Malaysia.  

Myanmar government has shut down internet for more than one month. During the periods of 34 days blackout, 6 civilians are killed; 27 civilians are injured, including gunshot, ferry boat sinking, and landmine explosions; 26 villagers get arrested; 4 villages burned down; several people are missing; 9,042 refugees take shelters in IDP camps; 9,000 people are affected by water flood; due to the water flooding, 30 houses damaged, 22 cows died, and 70,000 acres of farmland damaged and male-cultivations.

Arakan Army’s daily and weekly press releases say 47 military clashes have been taken places and kill 286 Myanamr soldiers aftet the internet shutdown, including several high ranking officers. 

Myanmar government has been shut down internet in nine townships in Chin and Rakhine states since June 21, 2019. It is blackout and as of locking up millions of people in a darkroom and cutting connection with families, friends, and the world. It changes life style and communication.

Background of Internet Shutdown:
Myanmar’s Ministry of Transport and Telecommunication bans internet connection in 8 townships of war affected zones in Rakhine State and Paletwa township in Shin State on June 21, 2019. 

The blackout townships are Buthidaung, Kyawtaw, Maungdaw, Minbya, Mrauk Oo, Pannaygun, Rathedaung, and Paletwa in Chin State.  

The mobile operators ceasing mobile operations are Oreoodo, MPT, Mytel, and Telenor.   

Major Impact on Internet Shutdown:
News and information sharing among the people in Rakhine and Chin states who live in war and conflict zones are impact on: 
1.     Communicating each other locally and internationally.
2.     Humanitarian relief effort for 50,000 IDPs.
3.     Donation gathering cash and materials from Rakhine community organizations and individual that are located in mainland Myanmar and overseas.
4.     Natural disaster, storm warning, and water flooding warning. 
5.     Earlier warning of weather and natural disasters. 
6.     Money transferring to families from workers of oversea and of mainland Myanmar through wire and mobile transferring. (About a half million of young men and women working in China, Malaysia, and Thailand as well as Yangon and other states have difficulty to transfer cash to their families). 
7.     Slower to report of military clashes and refugees run away from villages in amid of clashing. 
8.     Slower to report of arrests and torture on civilians.
9.     Slower to report human rights abuses.
10.  People feel fear of the lengthy of the internet shut down.      

Efforts to Restoration internet:
1.      Rakhine parliament passed a resolution to restore internet in Rakhine State on June 24, 2019. The state parliament decided that the internet shutdown affected on people and worried more human rights violation may be taken places during the blackout, including online and mobile money transferring from their sons and daughters who work in Yangon and oversea and inert-state trading and communication with families via online connection. 
2.     US and UN have been calling to restore internet services in Rakhine in the last week of June.    
3.     Rakhine law maker Daw Khin Saw Way proposed lower house parliament in Naypyitaw to restore internet services in Rakhine State on July 17, 2019. But the Speaker of the parliament rejected her proposal in the house session on July 18, 2019. 

Military Clashes:
1.    June 23: Myanmar army and Aarakan Army clash in the mountain of east of Shwe Kyin Village in Minbya township. Two helicopter gunships pounded bombs and guns into the mountains 
On the same day, AA commandos attacked Myanmar army convey of 100 troops in north-east and 1.5 kilo meter away from Kyauk Kyat village, Mrauk U township. AA claims it kills 20 Myanmar soldiers. 
2.    June 25: Two military clashes take places in Pannaygun township. Myanmar army with decisive forces attacked Arakan Army between Panilar and Aung Phu Pyin villages in Pannaygun townhip at 12 PM. AA says it kills 5 Myanmar troops. At 9.30 AM, Myanmar army and AA fight near Sin Thi village for 30 minutes.
3.    June 26: Myanmar army and AA fight in Oukpho Mountain between Zee Chung and Pazinsay villages in Kyawtaw township at 4.20 AM. AA claims it kills 30 government soldiers and 35 injured.
4.    June 27: At 10 AM Myanmar army attacks AA troop about 6.8 kilo meter away from Sinlatewa Village, Paletwa township, Chin State.
5.    June 28: AA attacks on Myanmar troops 2 kilo meters away from Htikewa Pyin village, Mrauk U Township. AA says it kills 6 Myanmar soldiers and many injured, including commander of the battalion. 
6.    June 29: Myanmar army reinforces and attacks on AA at the same location and 7.6 kilo meter way from Sinlatewa village in Paletwa township. 
7.    June 30: Four clashes take places in Kyauktaw, Minbya, and Rethidaung townships areas. AA say it kills 40 Myanmar soldiers while it lost 2 fighters. 
8.    July 1: Tow clashes take places in Minbya township and Bangladesh-Myanmar border. Myanmar army attacked AA troops at 3 kilo meter away Kyatway village in Minbya township at 3 PM. The fight lasts 3 hours. AA claims it kills 15 Myanmar soldiers and seizes some weapons and a dead body. On the same day and at 7.50 AM, MA and AA fights near Bangaldesh-Myanmar border BP-71 areas.   
9.    July 2: AA commandos attack Myanmar troops on Bangladesh-Myanmar border at 12 PM and 3.30 PM. On the same day, AA and MA fight 2.2 kilo meter away from Tharzay village in Minbya township.
10.  July 3: Myanmar army attacks on AA about 2.3 kilo meter away from Playdaung village in Minbya township at 1 PM. 
11.  July 4: At 6.55 AM, AA commandos attack 200 Myanmar troops east of Sanko Daung village in Buthidaung township. AA says it kills 6 Myanmar soldiers. AA also attacks 120 troops in Thiketaboat Mountain and 1 kilo meter away from Thiketaboat village at 9 AM. AA claims it kills 10 Myanmar soldiers.  
12.  July 5: AA and MA clash 8 locations on July 8 alone and kills 40 Myanmar troops. AA and MA are fighting on Bangladesh-Myanmar border BP-71-21 in Paletwa township for several times from July 4-5 at 8 AM, 9 AM, 10.30 AM, and 12 PM. AA says it kills 20 Myanmar troops for three attacks. AA attacks 100 MA troops at 7.50 AM on 1.6 kilo meter away from Yaychin Pyin village, Buthidaung township. At 8 AM, AA makes two attacks on Myanmar army. First attack takes place between Lamukin and Pauktaw villages and between Infantry 539 and 377, Kyauktaw township. AA says it kills 10 soldiers. At 2.30 PM AA attacks 100 Myanmar troops on1 kilo meter away from Zee Kung village in Rathedaung township. AA claims it kills 6 soldiers. 
13.  July 6: Arakan Army attacks on Infantry 232 on Bangladesh-Myanmar border between BP-71 and BP72. AA seizes some weapons and kills 15 soldiers. Five AA fighters are injured as well.
14.  July 7: There is clash between AA and MA but Myanmar army is shelling artilleries into Traw Ain area, Kyauktaw township.
15.  July 8: At 7.40 AM, AA attacks 150 Myanmar troops on 2.6 kilo meter from Gissapa river bridge, Kyauktaw township. AA claims it kills 15 Myanmar troops.
16.  July 9: No Clash.
17.  July 10: At 11.10 AM and on 2.3 Kilo meter from Min Thar Daung village in Kyauktaw Township, 100 troops of Myanmar army and AA broke out 10 minutes fight. AA says it kills 2 solders. 
18.  July 13: AA attacks 100 Myanmar troops near Nga Yone Taung village, Buthidaung township. AA says it kills 2 soldiers. Myanmar army retreats and burns some villages in Nga Yone Taung village.
19.  July 14: At 9.56 AM and 1.5 kilo meter from infantry base 539 in Kyauktaw township, AA attacks troops from 539 and kills 3 soldiers. 
20.  July 16: AA rounds up Myanmar troops between BP-71-BP-21 in Paletwa township and attacks at 12 PM. It kills 2 soldiers. It also attacks Myanmar troops near upper Minwa village in Paletwa township.
21.  July 17: Fightings broke out in Buthidaung, Mrauk U, and Pannaygun township areas. Myanmar army uses 2 helicopters and support its troops. At 2 PM, AA attacks 100 troops of Myanmar army between Kanamay and Khami Kryan Chung, Pannaygun township. AA kills 10 soldiers. At 2.30 PM, AA attacks 150 troops from 800 meters away from Kanpyin village, Buthidaung township. Two helicopters bombs AA positions. AA attacks 120 Myanmar soldiers on 1 kilo meter away from Okupho Kan village, Mrauk U township. 
22.  July 18: At 10.20 AM Myanmar Army and AA broke out fights between Kan Oo village and Htun Long Pwan village in Pannaygun township and AA kills 10 Myanmar troops. AA and MA are fighting ner Me Than Gyo village in Ann township, only 24 kilo meters away from Myanmar army western command headquarter. AA says it kills 20 Myanmar troops. At 1.40 PM, AA and MA broke out fighting near Kan Pyin village, the same area it fought yesterday. Two AA fighters are killed on July 18.
23.  July 19: AA attack two navy ships in Aung Sein River, 2.3 kelo meter away from Tharak Okk village in Maybon township. AA claims one of the navy ship is damaged and kill 10 soldiers and injured 20, including high ranking officers Kha Ma Ra 543 infantry from Kyauk Phyu township. Close to Western Command, Ann township, and 2.1 Kilo meter away from Duckkan village, AA and Ma broke out the fight and it lasts 30 minutes. AA says it kills 5 soldiers. 
24.  July 20: AA attack No. 310 Navy ship on May Yu River, 3 kilo meters from Rathedaung Town. The ship is damaged in front and the body and runs away.
25.  July 22: No major clash on July 21, but on July 22 two clashes take place between AA and MA. The first one is 600 kilo meters away from U Yin Thar village, and the second one is 1 kilo meter away from Sango Taung village, Buthidaung township. The fights are broken out at 2.30 PM, and AA says it kills 10 Myanmar troops. 
26.  July 23: Two military clashes take places in Kyauktaw and Mrauk U township areas. AA says it kills 14 Myanmar soldiers. First fight takes place between Buwrak Manyo village and Phayargyi village in Mrauk U township at 10 AM, and AA attacks 120 Myanmar troops and kills 10 soldiers. The second fights is neat Nyong Chung village, Kyauktaw township, at 12.30 PM. AA claims it kills 4 Myanmar troops.   

Death, Arrests, Refugees, and Natural Disaster Affected after Internet Shutdown: 
1.     June 21: Police bring 56 arrested to court in Sittway, capital city of Rakhine. They all are from four townships. 3 from Minbya township; 24 from Lakkar, Mrauk U, 5 from Outthakan, Mrauk U, 12 from Chung Daung village and Kyaung Taung village, 2 monks and 3 arrested from Kyautaw township, and 8 from Kyauk Tan, Rathidaung township. 
2.     June 22: Fighting broke out between AA and MA near Shwe Kyin village, Minbya township. 508 villagers from Shwe Kyin and Tharzy villages run away due to the fighting. On the same day, a navy ship was attacked by AA in near Sark Ri Kya creek, capital city of Rakhine state. Police arrested nine men and a woman in different times as suspects.  Seven arrested are Soe Htay Aung Naing, Khin Nyat Lin, Tun Shwe, Daw Thuzar, Ye Min Naing, Aung Lin Oo, and Aung Naing.

On July 21, U Tun Maung, 40, steps on a land mine and injured his led when he goes to his firm to collect foods in Htun Bu village, Pannaygun township, at 9 AM. He is taken to Sittway Hospital. 

3.     June 23: U San Thar Aung,45, is shot dead in Gokpi village, Buthidaung township, at 5PM by unknown gunman. He has family and shopkeeper and a Mro ethnic man. 
4.     June 24: Nay Myo Tun,20, is killed by torture of Myanmar soldiers and pass his death body to Kyauktaw hospital. He and his friend Kyaw Hla Thein and Zaw Win Oo, who do carpenter works and renovate pagoda in Wetherli village, Mrauk U township on June 20, 2019. 
5.     June 24: A bus with 30 passengers get an accident and 21 injured when it goes to Ann township at 7 AM. 
6.     June 26: Maung Soe Naing, 25, Maung Tun Tun, 20, and Maung Kyan Lu, 28, are arrested by police in Kayu Chung Buddhist temple of temporary IDP camp. They are suspected in the shooting of navy ship near Sittway. 

On the same day, when 5 arrested are brought to the court in Sittway, family find suspects are severely beaten and tortured. Maung Myo Hein Swe, 18, and Maung Soe Than Maung,22 are severely injured. 
Win Maung, 32, is hit by bullet when he is feeding his cows near the Mahamuni village, Kyawtaw township. AA and MA is fighting near the village at 9 AM. 

Five hundred villagers run away from Sin Thee village, Pannaygun township, after AA and MA are fighting near the village. 
7.     June 27: 2000 villagers from Paw Hree Pyin village, Pannaygun township, run away from the villages due to clashes between AA and MA near the village. 
8.     June 28: ICRC truck loaded with foods are hit by mine explosion near Kyauktaw township. No one injured but one of trucks is damaged slightly.
9.     June 29: Seven villager chairmen from Kyauktaw township resigned from their posts due to lack of protections. 14 Chairman have already resigned yesterday as well. 

Over one thousand villagers from Kyauk Tan and Lingone villages, Rathidaung township, run away when shells are landed nearby the villages. 
10.  June 30: A H1N1 sick person is found in Sittway Hospital, Rakhine state. 
11.  July 1: Maung Zaw Win Hlaing,18, passed away at Sittway hospital after he admitted at the hospital due of severe injuries of Myanmar soldier torturing. 

US Department of State calls to reopen internet in Rakhine State. 
12.  July 2: Arakanese youth protests with a drama in U Ottama Park in Sittway to call for justice for the deaths arrested in custodies. 
13.  Police in Sittway are looking for youth leaders who took protests in Sittway and called for justice. Dozens of youth leaders are on the run. 
14.  July 5: Myanmar army burns down some houses in Amyak Taung village in Rakhine State.

Over 3,000 IDPs in San Bo Kyi IDP camp severely affected by water blooding. They cannot move to another camp because of no roots in new huts they have built up. 

Seven suspects who have been arrested in suspicious on Navy shooting are brought to court in Sittway. Three are given bills and released: Maung Soe Naing Lin, 25, Maung Tun Tun, 20, and Maung Kyin Lu, 28.

Even suspects are given for remand are Maung Soe Htay Aung, 20, Maung Kin Myat Win, 20, U Tun Shwe, 51, Daw Thuzar, 48, Maung Yee Min Naing, 26, Aung Lin, and Aung Naing. 
15.  July 6: Aung Ba Kyan, 58, and his son in law Pyin Thet Kyaw are shot death by unknown three gunmen at their resident in Pauktu Taung village, Maybon township at 8 PM. 

Police arrest 9 ferrymen in Sittway in suspicious with previous navy attacks. They are U San Win, 40, U Aung Kyaw Tun, 32, U Ba Thein Chay, 43, U Hla Shwe, 44, U Maung Thein, 57, U Soe Shwe Thein, 53, U Thein Maung, 52, U Anyin Chay, 52, and U Kyaw Tun Sein, 31. 
A ferry sunk and died a woman and missing two men in Kalintaung village, Ramphree Island. Ma Nanda Aung, 20, died and Ngya Sa Lone, 32, and Ko Nay Aung, 22, are missing. 

Police and soldiers search a Buddhist temple in Kyawtaw town. 16
16.  July 7: Police arrest thee men in Dattaw village in Ann township, including brother in law of AA Spokesperson Khin Thu Kha. They are Maung Phu Than, U San Aung Kyaw, and U Ray Bo Thu. They are suspected of previous bomb explosion near the village. 

17.  July 8: U Kyaw Sein is shot and killed by unknown gunman at his resident in Myauk Taung village, Kyauktaw township. 

A boat loaded with 60 Rohingya are arrested by police neat Maungdaw Town. That is about to headed to Malaysia. 

A mine explodes near Gisspa Nadi Bridge near Kyauktaw town at 8 AM. 

A fishing boat is sunk in the sea from Thawin Chung village, Pauktaw township. U Aung Than Tin (57) and U Aung Htay Win (25) are missing. 

18.  July 9: Amyak Taung village in Rathedaung township, is burned down by Myanmar army. Local people says 11 houses are totally destroyed. 

Five Arakan Army leaders are charges with terrorist acts in Sittway distract court. They accused are AA Commander General Tun Myat Naing, Deputy Commander Dr Nyo Tun Aung, Spokesperson Khine Thu Kha, Col. Kyaw Han, and U San Shwe Aung. This charge hinders peace negotiation.  

19.   July 10: Four community leaders of Arakan Association Singapore (AAS) are arrested by the Singapore police at their resident. The arrested are Chairman Hin Zaw, Vice Chairman Ma Aye Myat Mon, Information Officer Ko Ye Kyaw Htet, and Ko Tin Hlaing Oo for suspecting to support financial to AA.   

Myanmar army seals of Ken Pyin village and interrogate every villager. The villagers are forced to stay at the Buddhist temple. Only 8 persons are allowed to go to village and cook the foods; after the 8 returns, they can eat the food. They are forced to sleep in the temple.  
20.  July 11: Mrauk U and Minbya township areas are affected for water flooding. Some IDP camps are affected. 

Six Arakanese community deported leaders from Singapore are arrested by police in Myanmar. Ko Aung Myat Kyaw and Ko Tun Aye are arrested at Yangon Airport.  Chairman Hin Zaw, Vice Chairman Ma Aye Myat Mon, Information Officer Ko Ye Kyaw Htet, and Ko Tin Hlaing Oo are arrested in different locations in Myanmar.
21.  July 12: Several villages are recued near Pan Myung Gyi Chung, in Minbya township, by water flooding.
22.  July 13: Residents in lower parts of Pelatwa twon, Chin State, are relocated due to water flooding. 
23.  July 13: Thousands of people from Ken Pyin, U Yin Thar, Sango Taung, Sapahtar, Kun Taung, Shitchar Taung, and Ngwa Yune Taung villages in Buthidaung township run away dues to the clashes between AA and MA near Ngwa Yune Taung village.  
Kyauk Taw, Minbya, Maruk U and Pannaygun townships are affected by water flooding.
24.  July 14: Myanmar army force to the villagers and gather in the Buddhist temple in Ray Zaw Cung village in Minbya township and given speeches and tell them not to support AA and provide information to army the activities of AA. 
25.  July 15: Myanmar army burns down Ngwa Yune Tong village. 
26.  July 16: Forty-two villagers who are staying in the village leave to IDP camp in Zaydi Taung. Arakanese and ethnic communities in USA protest in front of Singapore embassy in Washington DC  and condemn the deportation of six Arakanese to Myanmar. 

Kyaw Myint, Min Naing Htay, Maung Oo Nyin Way are arrested by Myanmar soldiers near Kyauktaw township at 9 PM. Myanmar army next day arrest Amung Tun Win and Maung Than Swe in Yawta Yoke village, Pannaygun township. They are suspected for having connection with AA.   
27.  July 17: Three out of four young Arakanese are released from custody. They are accused of killing a Myanmar army spy. Ko Aung Zaw Lin, Ko Khine Bo Bo, and Ko May Yu Tun are released, but Ko Ye Kyaw Thu is formely charged with murder case.  Singapore, Malaysia, and China joine business teams meet Rakhine State Chief minister U Nyi Pu and discuss to invest billions dollar worth projects in Rakhine state after six Arakaense are deported from Singapore. The deportees are arrested in Myanmar on July 11. Border and Security Minister of Rkhine State Col. Phone Tint is replaced with Col. Min Thile. Arakanese and ethnic people protest in Japan and condemn Singapore government that deport six Arakanese to Myanmar.
28.  July 18:  Severe water flood affect 9,000 villagers and evacuation; 30 houses damages, and 22 cows died. Over 70,000 acres of farms and cultivations are damaged due to water flooding. Rakhine law maker Daw Khin Soe Way’s motion to lower house in Naypyitaw to restore internet in Rakhine State is rejected by Speaker of Upper and Lower Houses in Myanmar. A homemade mine is found on the second floor of Mrauk U ancient pagoda. 
29.  July 19: a Mro ethnic woman Ma Khin Soe Ye, 31, is hit by landmine Nghapyaw Chung village, Kyawtaw township. When she goes to forest, one mile away from her village, to collect vegetables at 12 PM, the mine explodes and injured. She is taken to Kyauktaw hospital. 56 arrested villagers are brought to court in Sittway. Many detainees are found severely wounded by tortured during in the custody. 
30.  July 20: Police in Sittway interrogate charity workers who collect donations to IDPs. 
31.  July 22: U Maung San Aye,52, is arrested by Myanmar army in Dandung Yaw village, Kyauktaw township, who possesses handmade guns. 
2,000 villagers run away from Pauktoo Daung and nearby villages where AA attacked Myanmar navy on July 19.     

32.  July 23: Myanmar army rounds up Yan Aung Pyin village, Rathedaung township. Army interrogates 600 villagers from 8 AM to 12 PM. Army arrests Maung Tun Soe, his mother and wife. 

Daw Nu Aye Yee, Chairman of Rakhine Woman Union led by Saw Mra Raza Lin and peace negotiator of Arakan Libration Party (ALP)in Maybon township, is arrested by police. 

Maung Bo Than Tun, 22, is wounded by Myanmar army gunshots. A family from Taung Myin Village, Mrauk U township, comes to Tin Nyo village by boat. When the boat with a family of 4 persons is in the river and heading to Tin Nyo village, soldiers shoot directly to it at 1 PM. Maung Bo Than Tun’s head in injured and taken to Tin Nyo hospital. 

Finishing station with 8 houses is burned down by Myanamr army in Kyaut Maw village near Kyau Taw tract in Maybon township after Aarakan Army attacked 3 navy ships and 3 navy officers and one private were killed.  

27 patients with N1H1 and H3N2 are founded in hospital from January 1 to July 22. 

Muslim boy namely Del Marmud, 14, is injured by artillery shells in U Yin Thar village, Buthidaung township. Shells hit on several houses in the village while fighting between AA and MA. 

Fishermen from Muzay Island in Ramree Island is stopped finishing by Myanmar army.   

Acronym: Arakan Army (AA) and Myanmar army (MA)

Reported by Arakan Information Center (AiC)
July 24, 2919


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