Myanmar Army Wait and See for Extension of Ceasefire in Myanmar

Myanmar Army Wait and See for Extension of Ceasefire in Myanmar 

April 30, 2019. Sittway 

Myanmar Military Spokesperson Major General Zaw Min Tun tell press today he is waiting the results of the peace talks in Muse whether it will extend another ceasefire timeframe
He said, “The answer is it ends the four months ceasefire on April 30 as we said on last press conference, and waiting the result of today talks between National Peace and Reconciliation Center with FPNCC.

He does not rule out the extension of a new phase. He said\nthe four months ceasefire is enough timeframe.


Myanmar Peace Commission and NRPC is holding talks with Armay Army, KIA, TNLA, MNDDA, SSPP, and UWSA in Muse, China-Myanmar town, April 30, 2019. 

The results have not yet to publicized. 

The army declared the four months bilateral ceasefire on December 21 last year. But it did not cover Rakhine State, known as western command.

Arakan Army attacked several police outpost in Buthidaung on January 4 and thirteen police killed. 

Then, Aung San Suu Kyi approved further military operations in Rakhines aftermath of the AA attacks. 

The army has been using fighter jets and helicopter gunships, 120mm rocket launchers, and Multiple Rocket Launcher System while attacking AA.

Battalion 22, 55, and 77 along with the local light infantry divisions are reinforcing in northern Rakhine State and parts of Chin State. 

Over two hundred military clashes so far have been broken out. A half dozens of high ranking officers were killed during the fights.

Arakan Army estimated over two hundred government soldiers have been killed since last December. 

Arakan Army also attacked a police outpost in Yawtayork, Pannaygun and about 50 kilo meters from capital Sittway, that killed nine police men on March 9. 

It also attacked the police station where artillery was located in Mrauk U on April 10, twelve police and soldiers were killed. 

Myanmar army also claimed it killed twelve AA fighters since Janurary.

Many observers predict there will be no easing of military tension between the AA and Myanmar army. 

Arakan Army recently issued a statement and said more fights are coming ahead. It also speculated more government troops were sending to Paletwa, Chin State. But Myanmar Army denied it. 

AA’s claim was supported by Chin Human Rights.


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